Different Methods of Conversion of Fractions to Decimals

The process of conversion of fractions to decimals is very important for a student of math. These conversions will be needed by you at every level in your advanced levels or higher classes. Conversion of fractions to decimals and vice versa are the basic concepts that everyone must master to ensure that his or her base of mathematics is great. Fractional numbers are those numbers that represent a part of the whole while decimals are numbers on the number line lying between integers. We can say that using decimals is another way to present fractions. Thus, their form may be different, but fractions and decimals both fetch the same value on calculation. In this article, we will discuss the conversion of fractions to decimals. But before that let us check out how to carry on operations of division in fractions.

Conversion of Fractions to Decimals

Fractions can be converted into decimals easily using different methods. We will discuss the two methods in detail.

Method 1: By Taking the Help of a Calculator

It is the easiest method of conversion of fractions to decimals. Suppose we have been given a fraction. In the calculator, press the value of the numerator and then press on the division sign. After pressing the division sign, press the value of the denominator and then finally press ‘equal to’ sign and you will arrive at the required answer.

Method 2: By Following the Long Method of Division

The method of long division can be a bit tedious. Let us discuss the steps to obtain the decimal numbers from the fraction using the method of long division. To understand it easily, we will take 5/8 as the fraction number. 

  • We will carry out the process of dividing fractions similar to that of normal division. The numerator will be treated as the dividend while the denominator will be treated as the divisor.
  • Since the dividend is smaller than the divisor, we will take the help of 0 and place it at the end of the dividend which will make its value equal to 50. During the same time, we will place. (dot) at the quotient’s place to indicate the use of decimal.
  • Now we will divide 50 by 8. At the quotient’s place 6 will come since it is the largest number close to 50 divisible by 8 and the remainder will be 2. 
  • Since we have used decimal once, we can carry on to use 0 until the remainder is 0. Thus, 0 will be placed after 2 to make it 20 and then we will divide 20 by 8. 
  • On division, 4 will be the remainder which will become 40 after 0 has been placed after it.
  • Now, 40 will be divided by 8 and the remainder will come to 0. Thus, the quotient will be = 0.625 which will be the value of decimal.   

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How Do We Divide Fractions?

The process of dividing fractions might seem a little confusing to you, but it is a very simple process. In the case of dividing fractions, we can say that division of fractions is similar to multiplication of fractions but with a minor twist. Let us discuss the steps of dividing fractions so that you can carry out this operation very conveniently:

  • We will be given at least two fractions, to carry out this operation. Write down the first fraction followed by the division sign and then the second fraction.
  • In the second step, keep the first fraction as it was in the first step. However, in place of the division sign, write down the multiplication sign and reverse the numerator and the denominator of the second fraction.
  • Now, carry on the operation of multiplication to derive the required answer.

Let us check out an example of division. 

Example: Divide 11/3 with 5/2.

Solution:  Step 1: 11/3 ÷ 5/2

                Step 2 : 11/3 * 2/5

                The required answer = (11 * 2) / (3 * 5) = 22/15


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