How live-in home care services benefit the elderly

Getting a home care job or seeking out a quality service provider requires basically lots of knowledge. Fortunately for you, we are just about to give you basic information on what you need. Live in homecare services can be seen as the right destination when it comes to caring for the elderly. This is because they require a caretaker to live with their designated client at all times, providing the best care services.

That said, this service comes with more to it than it expected due to some stereotypes. This starts from the number of duties that are performed during a caregiver’s stay according to Galaxy Home Care. In addition to these qualities, caregivers have to possess to not only have this job but be proficient. Let’s check how live-in home care service can benefit the seniors and their families.

What is live-in care? 

As stated above, live-in care services are pretty self-explanatory. In Lehmann’s description, they are described as services in which a professional caretaker stays with a client to give them aid. Live-in care is just a small aspect of caring about the elderly, but some would argue that it is the most important one.

This importance hinges on the fact that it brings together three other aspects of senior aid. These are personal, homemaking, and companionship care. All these are just brought under the umbrella which is only called upon when a client’s situation is dire.

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Ideally, a caregiver will move into the client’s house and do their work until it is no longer needed. In the meantime, they will become the client’s nurse, where they will tend to every need. Live-in care is built to make a struggling elder’s life easy and as the world spins on, that will always stay the same.

The duties assigned to a live-in caregiver  

We now know that to be a live-in caretaker, you need to perform the other three categories of duties. The first of these is personal care, which is nowhere near as frequent as the live-in variety.

However, it requires caregivers to look after their clients as best they can. Doing so means that they will have to perform the following general duties:

  • household chores
  • running of errands
  • transportation
  • conversation

Indeed, some of the above duties can also be thought of as homemaking or companionship. However, they can stand in a special bubble on their own.

Speaking of the others, we can move on to the homemaking portion of this piece. It looks at all the chores that the client can’t or doesn’t want to do. The most commonly performed of these include:

  • bed making
  • house cleaning
  • outdoor cleaning
  • dog walking
  • laundry washing
  • dishwashing
  • light dusting

The above is just the bare minimum. In the more severe cases, especially when the elders are ill, caregivers would be required to do even more. Some of the things include helping them:

  • get out of bed
  • bathe, use the restroom 
  • take them to appointments 
  • exercise and help with walking
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The last piece in the puzzle of figuring out the duties of a live-in caregiver is the companionship part. Here, caregivers just form a relationship with their clients. That way they are seen as friends as opposed to just paid labor. Many of the clients encountered have problems with loneliness.

In the same vein, you can find clients who are having a hard time dealing with their current physicality or mental state. These people need someone to talk to, vent out their frustrations as well as just have someone near. As a live-in caregiver, there are certain things you have to do to foster companionship and they are:

  • going for walk
  • paying games
  • watching TV 
  • having general conversations

The benefits of live-in care 

As it relates to clients, there are many reasons why they should consider having a live-in caregiver. The first of these is that they are entirely private. This is especially true when you consider that for the most part, elderly people are taken to nursing homes where there is little to no privacy. At least with live-in care, seniors can maintain some form of independence, which is as simple as living in their own house.

Living in one’s own home also means that everything is tailored to them. As such, they experience the service and all its flexibility. Everything from their schedules to their daily routines is not likely to change because they have a caregiver at their home. This lack of change makes having a live-in caretaker not as jarring as moving to an entirely new place.

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What is probably the best part of having a live-in caregiver is that they will not restrict access to family and friends. As long as they live in their own home, those who love them can visit at any time. This is something that just boosts the morale of the client.

What carers have to be 

This job is a difficult one and not everyone is built for it. Those that are have been put through rigorous training on all levels. Some of the things that a category should be good at include:

  • driving
  • cleaning, shopping
  • understanding medicine
  • contacting family members, etc

All these above skills are meaningless if they are done by someone with an attitude problem. To do this job, a caregiver needs to be understanding, have a great deal of compassion and be incredibly patient. All these will make the long days more enjoyable.

Final thoughts 

Making the lives of our elders as comfortable as possible should be the priority of anyone looking to perform the service. If done the way it’s supposed to be, the lives of the clients can be improved in many ways and that you might find surprising.

The live-in part of it is specially custom-built for seniors and it makes them easier to watch over. The job is difficult, but those who have experienced the best of it always have overwhelmingly positive reviews. Maybe live-in care services are perfect for your loved ones.


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