3 Different Types of Therapy Offered at Addiction Recovery Centers

Alcohol and substance abuse addiction is a chronic condition that can result in further complications if not treated early and adequately enough. Various theories surround the cause of addiction and treatment approaches. While many addiction rehab centers offer different treatment plans, addiction can be difficult to treat sometimes, especially if it is co-occurring with a mental disorder.

However, experts have come up with addiction treatment therapies that have proven effective over time. Therapy is meant to help the patient walk through withdrawal to recovery and lead a positive social life after rehab. The good news is that family therapy helps make life easier for the individual and loved ones after rehabilitation. Take a look at different types of therapies you expect to find in an addiction recovery center like The Forge Recovery Center.  

Group Therapy

In group therapy, one or more therapists guide a group of addiction patients through discussions on substance abuse and mental health topics. The same group meets with the same therapists continually, developing trust between them. There are various categories of group therapies you will find in an addiction recovery center.

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Interpersonal process groups– this group therapy focuses on members’ issues, especially outside treatment. It is effective in bettering communication. An individual raises an issue and receives opinions from peers.

Psychoeducational- topics for this therapy revolve around healthy living, addiction treatment, mental health, trauma, relapse, and prevention measures. 

Group therapy has many benefits to the patient. First, you get a chance to offer and receive support. You have a support network of peers, essential for adequate recovery. The sessions also present an opportunity to air out your feelings freely.

Individual Therapy

Detox treats the physical impact of addiction but has nothing to do with the mind. That is where individual therapy addresses the emotional and mental aspects. Most addiction patients usually turn to alcohol and drugs to escape from life’s challenges and negative emotions, with no intention of addiction. So, several addiction recovery centers like tampa alcohol rehab at WhiteSands use individual therapy to assist the patient in addressing issues and creating solutions without using drugs.

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During and after treatment, many triggers can cause relapse. Individual therapy can address some triggers and help the patient avoid relapse.

  • Environmental factors

Going back to the same old environment where you were drinking before can be tempting, and chances of relapse are high. However, individual therapy teaches you coping techniques. 

  • Social triggers

Hanging out with your old company who is drinking or using drugs can tempt you to join again. Therapy makes you aware of this and teaches you to develop new and healthy relationships.

Family Therapy

You could have done some things to cause resentment among family members. Others may find it hard to realize that you quit substances and changed your old behavior. Also, a family can harm an addiction victim unknowingly, leading to negative emotions. Family therapy helps in repairing those bruised relationships.

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Many families are affected by addiction either directly or indirectly. The actions of the addicted substance-abusing member can lead to feelings of shame, resentment, trauma, and anger. A family has to assist their loved ones to stay sober after recovery. The help of a family therapist can prove valuable and transformational. 

A Final Shot

It is essential to know that detox alone is not enough when addressing addiction. Therapy is critical for dealing with the mental aspect of addiction. A treatment approach that combines both techniques is best for adequate recovery. 



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