Top Tech trends changing our lifestyle in 2022

In this post, we will talk about the top tech trends dominating in 2022. These tech advancements will change our future lifestyle.

Data security

This is not the first year that the trend of secure information exchange and data storage has developed. But 2020 showed how much we lived under the illusion that our data was protected. Many scandals involving the leakage of personal files of users and commercial information of companies have become clear examples of this.

Should we expect fundamentally new technologies in this direction? More likely not. It can be assumed that the development will be related to improving the security of personal devices and cloud solutions through virtualization and encryption – so remote work will be more secure, and commercial and personal information of users will be better protected. Data security professionals are more active on Twitter. The platform is getting bigger for this industry professionals. So, if you want to keep up with this space, just look into the Tweets they create on a daily basis. Also, you can buy Twitter likes and get into the bubble of this profession. Be very active when it comes to getting more followers, engage with other tweets and ask very specific questions to start good convos. 

Flexible screens

Flexible screens are a technology that has been used for some time in smartphones and laptops with a folding screen. Any new technology in the early stages of development is quite expensive, and flexible screens are no exception. But in a few years, the user will pay only a little extra for the compactness of the device in the folded form factor and a large quality display in the unfolded form. Over time, like most technologies that make user life easier, bendable screens will take their share of the market. Exactly when? Technology is evolving more and more every year. I dare say that in 4-5 years the share of laptops with flexible screens can reach 11% in many markets. If we translate this into a quantitative equivalent, we are talking about millions of devices around the world.

Technology helps to live in a “new reality”

Last year, many had to shut themselves up at home for a long time and limit meetings with friends and relatives – it was technology (from video calls to shared VR entertainment) that helped keep the emotional connection alive. In addition, the virtual world for many has replaced travel and the opportunity to discover new places.

In addition to these important and obvious opportunities provided by technology in the “new reality”, they also help countries open up to tourists. Obviously, if you allow people to show a paper test result at the border, you can’t be sure of its originality. There is always the possibility that the traveler directed the skillful use of the photo editor in the wrong direction.

Technology comes to the rescue here. Data on medical tests in virtual repositories, which can be accessed by QR-codes, simplify the procedure for crossing borders between states. There are already cloud services that unite clinics in many countries around the world. This allows border guards to quickly verify any medical document provided by a tourist.



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