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All Cheap Gionee 4G Mobile Phone Price List

All Cheap Gionee 4G Mobile Phone Price List

Telocom service providers in Nigeria , with the exception of Airtel have all switched on and embraced the fast  4G LTE network and as such we are beginning to see a surge  in the number of 4G LTE phones in the Nigerian Market. Here are some of the latest Gionee 4G lte phones available right now in the Market .

Below you will find some of the  cheapest Gionee 4G LTE phones which are currently  available to buy in Nigeria through Jumia ,Yudala or even Slot .

Where To Buy Gionee Phones& Pay on Delivery

Jumia Nigeria|Buy Now

Jumia Kenya|Buy Now

Jumia Ghana|Buy Now


Gionee F103 Pro -Specifications ,Price & Availability


Gionee M6 and Gionee M6 Plus with gargantuan batteries, 4GB RAM, encrypted chip Goes Official


Gionee S6s Specifications & Price in Nigeria,Kenya & Ghana


Gionee W909 Clamshell Phone With 4GB RAM is Coming Soon


Gionee S6 Pro – Specifications & Price in Nigeria


Gionee Marathon M5 Enjoy (Gionee M5 Enjoy) Specifications & Price


Gionee Marathon M5 Plus With Fingerprint Sensor Announced



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