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Some Words About Samsung TVs

Some Words About Samsung TVs

The word ‘Samsung’ means ‘three stars’, and it was given for a company, which was supposed to develop in scale like stars in the sky. So what will you say, has it managed to? The fact that Samsung is one of the leading technology developers (or is it better to say one of two leading developers?) is undeniable. So if you think to buy a Samsung TV, be sure – it is the right decision.


In short about the brand

Back in 1993, the lead manager declared priority for quality and ordered to change everything except family. Such bold move declared the new strategy and new philosophy, which is still defining the work.

90% of the products are manufactured on Samsung’s own factories. Thus, developers are sure in sticking to the high quality standards.

Samsung is rightly occupying the 9th position in the list of the most valuable global trends. It is a leader of innovations, which introduced watch phones and digital TVs.


In average, 100 TVs produced by Samsung are sold every minute.

Samsung’s success, actually, started from producing a black-and-white TV set in 1970, and these attempts received positive attitude from the very beginning.

What’s new with Samsung?

There is always something new going on. We picked three things to tell you today.

Full HD TV

A grid of pixels helps to create a detailed image. You get the image in high resolution, which always looks sharp and bright. It is hard to stay indifferent to the depth and nuances you see on the screen. Everything seems so close and so real that even the most demanding users are amazed.



Powerful software is design specially for improving entertainment possibilities. Detailed images is equally sharp on DVDs, Pay TV and Blue-ray. Two technologies – Crystal Colour and PurColour – adjust backlight levels, constantly changing contrast according to the need. Millions of shades, and even more impressions!

Smart TV

Besides high-quality images, Samsung brings audio options on a completely new level. You can get much more emotions from your favorite movie or video of your favorite artist. Moreover, smart TV models are flat, curved and looking absolutely amazing. This is the first step for creating your own home cinema with excellent image and enveloping sound. We even don’t mention gaming experience! Samsung knows how to rock!

Samsung smart TV

Where to look for a Samsung TV?

That’s simple: open the list of Samsung TVs for sale in Nigeria. Thus, you choose shopping with the best Nigerian marketplace. It is a service that works exactly like a real market, just with several differences, all caused by a new domain. You are always free to communicate with sellers (all are real users), look up for useful material in blogs and start shopping by using Jiji App (at zero rate, by the way). Samsung is the obvious leader in the world of TVs. Jiji is the leader in the shopping world. Enjoy!

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