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The release of the Apple iPad Pro seemed like it was never going to happen considering the fact that the rumors of the release of this Apple has been everywhere before now and folks had anticipated it release since last year.So what’s the good news? The Apple iPad Pro is finally out to be launched this November.

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This 12.9-inch slate is built for power users, boasting a beefy A9X processor, four-way speakers and a stylus designed to give maximum flexibility to creatives and office workers alike. Here are key features of the Apple iPad Pro that should get you wanting to have it immediately.

Large 12.9 Inch Screen

You love to have it all big and bright right? The iPad Pro ensures this with the biggest display ever seen on an iPad. The iPad Pro comes with a 12.9-inch screen that boasts a 2732 x 2048 resolution. If you do the math, that’s a whopping 5.6 million pixels.

The display is big enough to house a full- size virtual keyboard, and gives your fingers plenty of breathing room to play a digital piano. It even packs a variable refresh rate to keep things extra-smooth.

A9X Processor And 10 Hours Battery

The Apple iPad Pro is not just big for nothing, it’s also the most powerful, featuring a new A9X processor that promises twice the memory bandwidth and storage performance of Apple’s A8X chip. Apple even went so far as to call it faster than 80 percent of all portable PCs released in the last year. You can expect to take advantage of the slate’s power for a while; Apple claims that the Pro will have a 10-hour battery life.

Smart Keyboard 

The iPad Pro’s optional Smart Keyboard turns the tablet into a laptop, much like Microsoft’s Touch Cover does for the Surface. This  fabric-based keyboard utilizes the same dome switches as the latest MacBook, and, when you attach it to the Pro’s Smart Connector, iOS 9 will automatically optimize itself for physical keyboard input.

Apple Pencil

Another key iPad Pro accessory is the Apple Pencil, though Apple has said that you will have to pay an extra fee of $99 to get this. The Apple Pencil is designed to make doodling on the iPad feel as natural as scribbling on actual paper. Apple’s first-ever stylus is built to offer super-low latency with accurate force detection, making it easy to make detailed works of art.

Apps such as Microsoft Office will be optimized for the Apple Pencil, allowing you to annotate documents without getting ink on your hand. This is cool but I am not sure whether I am happy with the fact that the cost of the Apple Pencil can buy some innjoo smartphones. Lol.

Petite Design, Big Speakers

Despite its awesome feature  the iPad Pro retains Apple’s love for slim designs at just 6.9-millimeters thin and 1.57 pounds. It’s the first Apple slate to pack four speakers, which, according to the company, allow the tablet to be three times louder than the iPad Air 2.

Pricing & Availability

The Apple Ipad Pro will hit the stores by November with the  32GB and 128GB variants priced at $799 and $949, respectively while a 128GB version with 4Gwill go for  $1,079 in the US,but UK pricing has been ascertained.

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