Photo Pros Wary as Amateurs and Hobbyists get into the “Business”

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It seems like everyone and their mother can now rather easily get their hands on some professional-grade photography equipment. The online audience clamors daily for its dose of images—artistic, exciting, crisp, informative, thought-evoking images. These could be for advertising, graphics, information, inspiration, or simple aesthetic reasons.  

Good cameras = Good Photos

Whatever the case may be, there is one constant: the better the camera, the better the image quality. Why else would all these phone cameras be developing so quickly to satisfy the photography needs of an every-growing user base? People love seeing and taking excellent photographs. Cameras on phones have become so dazzling that even the Sony Xperia Z could film a movie in full HD if it had to.

But everyone knows that if you want a truly excellent photograph, making use of a dedicated camera, like a DSLR is the best option. A true high-quality DSLR will give you far better clarity, sharpness, focus, and freedom of composition before you even press the shutter button. Fortunately, DSLRs (from entry level to mid-range) are now much more accessible than they used to be. Their prices are lower, especially the entry level ones which can already take high-quality photographs. Even photography peripherals, like reflectors, light stands, and more are easy to find and accessible now.

Business Concerns

Many amateur photographers and hobbyists have taken to toting DSLRs around for casual use and for capturing great photo moments. Some of them get so interested that they decide to make a living out of it.Because so many people have these things now, the line between a being a professional photographer and an amateur one has blurred. A “professional” photographer is one whose services you procure for an event or a photoshoot. They have high-grade equipment, studio setups, and they take the trouble to advertise and even have phone systems set up if they have franchises all over the country. You can often expect excellent, well-composed results. But of course, all this is for a price. Many professional photographers tend to be expensive in their services, and you get what you pay for—high quality work.

However, with the growing accessibility of cameras, equipment, and the internet as a means to “advertise”, even the amateur photographers and hobbyists are now being hired by people to take photos. Wedding photography, for example, is a growing profession among even amateurs, since not everyone can afford major packages from the most professional photographers and videographers. According to, amateur photographers are cutting at least 1,000USD against the professional prices. This certainly puts the professional photographers at the disadvantage in the eyes of a couple looking to get married without having to spend a whole nest egg.

The professionals still have a leg up, however. Amateur photographers are just that: amateurs. While they can take excellent photographs with the use of the available equipment, pros have an entire package and ultimately create better compositions. They have more experience and a keener eye, having done this professionally for a longer period of time.

In the end, the ball is in the customer’s court: quality or cost?



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