Why is Sine Wave Inverter Technology a Must for Your Home?

Are you looking for a power backup system for your home? But the present-day crowding of technologies is overwhelming you? Want to know what a sine wave inverter is? Read on to learn about buying a sine wave inverter while considering its advantages.

There are two prominent technologies to choose from when you think of inverters. They are pure sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters. Both are a part of the sine wave technology.

All inverters convert Direct Current (DC) input to Alternating Current (AC) output. A pure sine wave inverter undertakes the same task but provides additional benefits such as accurate power conversion and prevents damage to electrical appliances it’s connected to.

How Does a Sine Wave Inverter Work

A sine wave inverter produces an output voltage waveform similar to the one produced by grid-connected power sources. This type of inverter is used where high-quality waveform is needed for sensitive appliances.

As discussed above, the sine wave inverter converts DC power from the battery into AC power input. The AC power is then passed to a transformer, which adjusts its voltage. The voltage is delivered to the load.

A sine wave inverter monitors the voltage fed to the appliances and adjusts the output frequency and amplitude. This function helps maintain high-quality voltage and makes it well-suited for sensitive electrical appliances.

Equipment like microwaves, motors, and others require pure AC signals and, therefore, function the best on sine wave inverters.

When Do You Need Sine Wave Inverters?

Go for a pure sine wave inverter when you want to protect your devices from damage, malfunction, or non-functioning.

Here are the devices that require sine wave inverters to function:

  • Devices with AC motors, such as refrigerators, microwaves, and air-conditioners.
  • Light dimmers, battery chargers, and bread-makers.
  • Satellite systems, audio, and video equipment.
  • Medical equipment like oxygen concentrators.

Benefits of a Sine Wave Inverter at Home:

  1. Stable Power Supply: The sine wave inverters mimic the waveform, similar to grid-tied AC sources. They also have minimal harmonic distortion. Because of these properties, they can supply pure and stable power.

    Other traditional inverters show distortion in supply and are not as stable as a sine wave inverter.
  2. High Efficiency & Low Power Loss: A high-quality sine wave inverter can be 90-95% efficient in power conversion from DC to AC form. Considering there is less loss during conversion, there is also a reduction in electricity bills.
  3. Noise-free & Glitch-free Operations: A traditional inverter produces a lot of noise while running a fan, tube light, or a lower-power electrical appliance. They have also caused glitches in the computer screen and during printouts>

    But a sine wave inverter ensures a smooth run of sensitive equipment while enabling noise-free operations.
  4. Quick Charging: A sine wave inverter is best suited for areas with frequent power outages. It’s not just because of longer backup hours but also because they can charge quickly. Quick charging is important when grid-supplied electricity is available for shorter durations.
  5. Value for Money: While on-the-surface market research may suggest that a sine wave inverter is expensive, a closer look will show its value for money. A sine wave inverter charges quickly and is a lot more efficient. It means reduced electricity bills.

    A sine wave inverter from a well-known brand such as Luminous is maintenance-friendly too. The feature translates to negligible expenses on after-sales assistance.
  6. Better Life of Appliances: Since the appliances attached to a sine wave inverter don’t go through sudden power fluctuations and get the right amount of power, they work better and for longer durations.

If you are ready to go ahead with the purchase of a sine wave inverter, go through Luminous’ website. Make sure you consider these benefits and the appliances you will be connecting them to make the final decision.


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