Virtual Numbers for LinkedIn: What Are the Benefits?


Registering on LinkedIn provides many opportunities to develop your career and can act as a real springboard to a more interesting and prosperous life. But what about the citizens of those countries for which the registration process is limited and also those users who have already faced the negative consequences of disclosing their phone numbers to third parties? Take advantage of registering with virtual numbers for LinkedIn. They will allow you to protect personal data and access this extremely useful social network from any country.


Why Use Virtual Numbers When Registering

A virtual number from HotTelecom implies protection against scammers and spam. Often, when registering on LinkedIn, the user hopes that the HRs of the best companies are browsing the community to find the most professional staff. And this is how it happens. But LinkedIn is also popular among scammers who hunt for users’ personal data.

Thanks to a disposable number, you can create multiple accounts. You certainly have multiple talents. It would be better to create a separate page for each. Who will seriously consider the candidacy of a person whose possible professions are a builder, a composer, and a cook? Different pages will allow you to confidently position yourself as a representative of each profession separately.

What Is the Registration Logic with Disposable Phone from HotTelecom?

  • You register on the HotTelecom website
  • Having replenished your account with at least $5, go to the One-Time SMS page.
  • Choose from the list of countries the telephone operator you need and order a disposable number.
  • Enter it on the LinkedIn Registration page.
  • After receiving an SMS with a code in your HotTelecom account or on your email, activate your account on LinkedIn.

Your career will easily go up when even the process of registration on LinkedIn will be simple and safe thanks to one-time virtual numbers from HotTelecom.




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