Vaping vs Smoking: 7 Reasons You Should Make the Switch


Many people who smoke might be looking to quit their bad habit, but quitting can often be hard especially if you’re taking in a large amount of nicotine per day because your body will crave the nicotine and you would end up having a withdraw. An alternative to smoking which has been gaining popularity recently is vaping. 

Both vaping and smoking have a number of risks and side effects to them, but could the risks of vaping be lower than those of smoking? In this article we’ll look at the long-term effects of both smoking and vaping and give you seven reasons why you should switch to vaping. 

Long-term Effects of Smoking

In the long-term smoking can have many negative effects on your body. Those can include increased risk of cataracts or a stroke and general inflammation. Smoking can also cause cancer in almost any part of the body, including kidneys, lungs and stomach. Furthermore, it can waken your immune system function and trigger asthma attacks if you have asthma. 

The chemicals in cigarettes can also affect your reproductive system in the long term, reducing sperm count in men and increasing the risk of miscarriage in women. 

People who’ve smoked for years also report a reduced overall health as well as other issues.

Long-term Effects of Vaping

There is still more limited knowledge on the long-term effects of vaping as it’s been around for way shorter than smoking. According to studies there are some side effects to vaping but they’re a lot milder compared to smoking. Some of the common short-term effects can include a burning or scratchy feeling in your tongue, throat and lips, coughing and dry throat, headaches or dizziness. 

Some severe long-term effect that can sometimes be as a result of vaping include damage to the lungs, and delay in development in children and teenagers exposed to it. 

7 Reasons to Switch to Vaping

1. It will save you money

E-cigarettes and vape liquids are cheaper than tobacco or regular cigarettes, so if you’re a smoker who’s just made the switch to vaping it won’t be long before you start seeing your spendings on nicotine products going down. 

2. It’s considerably safer than smoking

Vaping emits very little harmful second-hand smoke in comparison to regular cigarettes, which makes it a lot less dangerous than smoking. In fact, the only thing people around you will smell when you vape is the aromatic scent of your vape liquid. 

3. It’s more discreet

Because vapes and e-cigarettes don’t burn in the same way as regular ones smoking in public is a lot more discreet as less smoke is emitted. Many people can vape in pubic without anyone around them noticing. If you’re using a disposable vape pen it might even get mistaken for a regular cigarette from afar. 

4. E-liquids taste better than cigarettes

Vape liquids come in various flavours which smell and taste way better then normal tobacco. You can get your nicotine cravings satisfied in the form of fruity gum drops, chocolate or your favourite sweets. 

5. Easier to use when you’re out and about

Smoking is normally banned from most public spaces. Although most of the regulations around smoking also apply to vaping the rules are a bit more lenient when it comes to e-cigarettes. Moreover, there’s a niche trend staring to emerge in the nightlife scene with specialised bars and cafes allowing people to vape inside freely.

6. You don’t have to roll cigarettes

If you’re someone who rolls their own cigarettes, vaping will save you a lot of time and efforts. You don’t have to bother with flimsy papers, filters and tobacco which can be quite messy. If you’re using a disposable vape pen all you have to do is take a huff to activate it, while if you’re using a vaping device you have to charge the battery and regularly top up e-liquid and change the coil.

7. It’s better for the environment

Smoked produced from burning materials is harmful for the atmosphere and cigarette smoke is no exception to this. When you consider how many people smoke globally you can really see how harmful cigarettes are for the environment. In addition to contributing to the greenhouse effects, there’s also thousands of fires each year around the globe that are caused by dropped cigarette butts. In contrast the ‘smoke’ produced by vapes is mostly steam so it’s not nearly as damaging. 


In conclusion, both smoking and vaping hide their own risks for your health and the health of those around you, however, smoking has by far more drawbacks than vaping. Quitting smoking when your body is already addicted to the nicotine can be hard and cutting it our completely can bad side effects on your health as well, which is why swapping to a safer option like vaping can be better for you and help you gradually cut out your unhealthy habit. 


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