Mediclaim Insurance – Tips And Ways To Claim

Mediclaim Insurance

Just like health insurance, mediclaim insurance is also for health benefits. If you have this policy then you will be reimbursed with the amount that you would have spent on the medical expenses, however, it will be done during the policy period only. It will be in the hands of the policyholder whether he wants to pay the amount then get reimbursed or he can avail of the cashless facilities. However, it is important to know that the cashless facilities will be available at the hospitals that are under the chain of the insurance company. Health maintenance is very expensive and for some people, it is not even easily affordable. Therefore, if you do not want to face situations like not affording health services easily then you should buy this insurance policy. There are various policy providers in the market. You will need to compare the mediclaim policy provided by the different service providers and can choose the best one for you. If you have to get admitted to a hospital then you won’t need to be worried about the hospital bill. Such bill will be covered by this policy up to the amount for which you have taken the cover. These policies are valid up to a certain period, after that you will either be required to renew it or buy a new one. 

In the case of benefits, mediclaim insurance and mediclaim insurance both provide us with the same advantages. There is a small difference between these two and that difference, in the case of the mediclaim insurance, the holder will be required to pay the bill first and get the reimbursement. But in the latter case, the bill will be paid out of the policy cover, paying the bill first is not a prerequisite and it will be paid out of the insurance card.

Importance of mediclaim insurance: 

  • Nowadays the number of diseases and health uncertainties are increasing. Furthermore, medical services are very expensive. Due to this reason, mediclaim insurance has become essential. It is just like financial security, in case of any contingency happens. There are various points that make it essential to subscribe to the cover of mediclaim insurance. Such as you will be able to avail of cashless facilities at hospitals. Even if you do not have cash in your pocket, you can still get health treatment in case of illness or any other serious health issue. Furthermore, lump-sum hospital bills are difficult to pay but in the case of mediclaim insurance, you will be paying in EMIs, there will be no issue of a lump sum payment. You will easily be able to afford health services. If you have paid for this insurance then you will also be eligible to claim the deduction of it from your taxable income. 
  • Another point that makes it important to have this policy subscribed to is that it will cover various expenses. For example, when you are admitted to a hospital, there are various expenses that you will be required to pay such as OT charges, blood, oxygen, X-rays, pacemakers, room rents, etc. All these expenses will be required to be paid. All these expenses will be covered under your insurance cover and you won’t have to pay out of your pocket. 

How can you obtain a mediclaim insurance claim? 

As already stated above, a person who has paid for mediclaim insurance cover can either avail cash facility or can get the refund of the amount paid. However, to avail of the cashless facility, the insured should get treatment from such hospitals that are covered under the network hospitals of the insurance company. Furthermore, the cashless facility or the reimbursement, as the case may be will be limited up to the extent of your cover policy amount. 

  • Reimbursement claim: In this type of claim, it should be under the knowledge of the insurance company that the policyholder is having a medical emergency. To get the reimbursement, the holder will be required to produce the payment proofs. In case of the absence of the proofs, no reimbursement shall be there. Therefore, the policyholder should keep a record of all the payments and bills, so that no problem shall be faced at the time of claiming reimbursement.
  • Cashless facility: In this case, the policyholder shall be required to fill the pre-authorization form along with the medical card, if the hospitalization is not immediate. Furthermore, to avail of the cashless facility, the holder can make use of the insurance card as provided by the insurance company. However, the hospital chosen should be in the network of the company and the required documentation formalities should be performed within the required time. 

The claim of this insurance can be taken in both the above-mentioned ways. However, it is essential that you have chosen a good policy and bought from a good company. You can get in touch with the care insurance to get the best policy schemes based on different factors. Here, your needs will be assessed first and then you will be provided with the best insurance schemes. 


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