4 ways to get Paternity Testing and Their Costs

In case you are in doubt about your biological father, paternity testing is the way to settle your worries. Besides knowing your biological father, a paternity test can be used to identify your ancestral origins, gain legal rights to child support, child custody, social security benefits, and inheritance. Ideally, a DNA paternity test involves comparing the genetic code of the child’s DNA to that of the alleged father. Accuracy for this type of testing is extremely important so you’ll want to find a reliable facility, like the state of Wisconsin paternity testing.

Notably, there are various ways of attaining paternity testing, and all have varying prices. This article focuses on the different ways of paternity testing, the process involved, and the corresponding prices. Visit this site to learn more.

Ways to get DNA paternity testing

Home Paternity Testing

Home paternity testing is done at the comfort of your house and with a lot of privacy. Essentially, home testing is mainly performed to give you peace of mind. Additionally, it is also desirable that you do not have any legal reasons since the results are not viable in a court of law. Also, you do not have to worry about the validity of results as it has proven to have a 99.9% accuracy.

The process of home paternity testing involves;

  • Ordering the home paternity DNA kit online. The paternity testing can be securely ordered online by making a phone call or filling out an online form. The only information you will have to fill or answer is your name, date of birth, address where the kit, and results delivered.
  • Collecting DNA samples. The sample collection is a quick and easy procedure performed through a mouth swab, alternatively called a buccal swab. You can then return the samples where the analysis will take place. Ideally, the test examines a minimum of 21 DNA markers from both parties.
  • Issuance of results. Conventionally, the paternity test results are available within 3-5 business days.

You do not have to worry about the confidentiality of the paternity test results. The tests are discreetly conducted and delivered. Notably, the whole process of home paternity testing will cost you $179.

Court paternity testing

A legal or court paternity testing is done when there are issues on child custody, naming on the birth certificate, wills, and probate. In this case, the DNA samples are taken by a professional doctor, nurse, or accredited sampler. The fingerprints and photos of the samplers are taken for accountability. The legal paternity testing costs approximately $349.

Hospital paternity testing

A hospital paternity testing is most of the time the first option in case you are in doubt. At the hospital, the paternity test can be conducted either through a blood test or cheek swabs. For the blood test, blood samples from both the child and the alleged father are obtained and taken to the lab for DNA sequencing. On the other hand, a cheek swab involves gently taking samples from the buccal cells of both parties and undergoing the same procedure. Approximately a hospital paternity test costs $ 299

Testing Centre

A testing center uses the same procedure as hospital paternity testing. The significant difference between the two is that a testing center specializes in DNA testing only hence reliable. A testing center costs approximately $320.


DNA paternity tests should be used to confirm any doubts about the ancestral origin or for legal reasons. Therefore, based on your need and budgetary allocations, you can choose the best way of paternity testing among the four mentioned above.



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