Use Of Porcelain In Dinnerware: Everything You Need To Know

Among the list of new materials used in manufacturing dinnerware, porcelain is one of the oldest and is considered the most aesthetically-pleasing set for modern homes. All the plates you see with floral patterns, illustrations, or paintings are porcelain. Not just to serve food porcelain plates have also been popularly used in home decor, mainly in modern homes.

Emerging from mainland China, porcelain was first introduced to pottery during the glorious Tang Dynasty rule. With years, porcelain began to gain popularity and slowly made its way to the western world. Today, porcelain is considered the finest material for manufacturing the simplest and most luxurious dinnerware. 

A porcelain dinnerware manufacturer takes pleasure in designing and customizing them according to global demands. Porcelain dinnerware is indeed the most-demanded set for modern dining rooms and kitchens. 

The History Of Porcelain

Porcelain is a popular material used in manufacturing a wide range of dinnerware and serve ware with a rich and interesting history. First discovered in China during the glorious rule of the Tang Dynasty between 618 to 907, porcelain began to be introduced in Chinese pottery. However, it was only during the famous Yuan Dynasty rule from 1279 to 1368 that porcelain gained its best form. 

The initial mixture of porcelain got even more advanced during the Yuan Dynasty and was popularized in the forms of hard paste and true paste. Since porcelain is deeply connected with the glorious dynasties of China, it began to be infused with art and history. Porcelain plates became the best canvas to display the rich Chinese art and culture, and even to this date, the richness of Chinese art is evident in the most modern porcelain collections.

When medieval Europeans discovered Chinese porcelain, they enhanced the material even more by mixing materials like clay and ground glass. Today, the porcelain you see today is the most advanced version of the material. Initially, porcelain was never white, it had a yellowish tone, but today, the demand for white porcelain dinnerware is the highest, mostly in restaurants. 

Use Of Porcelain In Dinnerware

Porcelain is one of the most common materials used in modern dinnerware. It is used in manufacturing aesthetically-pleasing plates, bowls, spoons, pots, and serving platters of different shapes. When looking for porcelain dinner sets online, you can see their versatility in designs, colors, sizes, and shapes. Also, their price range varies and can fit into every budget type. You will come across the cheapest and the most luxurious options in porcelain collections. 

One of the significant reasons why porcelain dinnerware is in high demand among modern homeowners is simply because they represent art. No matter how simple the designs are, there is something aesthetic about porcelain that is undeniable. Also, porcelain dinnerware can serve as your daily serving plates and precious decor pieces. When placed on walls or see-through kitchen and dining cabinets, porcelain sets look remarkable and can quickly tell about your personality and rich taste. 

5 Reasons To Choose Porcelain Dinnerware 

For centuries, porcelain has grown increasingly in popularity, and there are several reasons behind it. One of the primary reasons behind porcelain’s popularity in homes and restaurants is its smooth, non-stick surface and lightweight structure. Porcelain plates can be ideal for regular use because they are the easiest to clean. These five reasons add more value to why porcelain dinnerware is the best. 

A Promised Hygiene

Whether eating at restaurants or being invited to a friend’s dinner party, everyone is concerned about hygiene when it comes to food. When you invest in cheaper quality dinner sets made of mixed materials, they get stained with time, have scratches, and become dull. Even if you are cautious about keeping the plates clean, these minor spots can ruin your reputation.

Porcelain is one kind of material that promises 100% hygiene because it is super easy to clean and has a non-absorbent surface. It doesn’t matter if the food you are serving has strong colors or the possibility of oil stains, porcelain does not absorb any of that. Thus, your plates look hygienic and clean for years long.

If you are a fan of white dinnerware, you must invest in white porcelain sets and worry no more about stains. 

Endurance To Heat

The manufacturing process of porcelain dinnerware involves exposure to extreme temperature conditions. The plates, bowls, and pots are baked under the highest temperatures to give them a strong, durable structure. This is one of the reasons porcelain dinnerware can endure heat; there is nothing to worry about when you serve smoking hot food on such sets. There is also no fear relating to chipping or cracking due to heat. 

Porcelain’s heat endurance also makes it an ideal choice during peak winters, when you want your food to remain hot until the last bite. Porcelain can hold heat for a long time. 

A Durable Material

Undoubtedly, porcelain is one of the most durable materials for making dinnerware. They do not shatter, break, or chip easily, and the credit goes to their manufacturing process involving exposure to extreme temperatures. Porcelain dinnerware is an ideal one-time investment; it can last years if handled carefully. 

Microwave Safe

Since porcelain is resistant to high temperatures, it is also microwave-safe. You can serve your food on porcelain plates and heat or reheat the food as many times as you want without worrying about sudden cracks or chipping. 

Several Options To Select From

Indeed there is a wide range of options available in porcelain dinnerware. From colors to shapes, patterns, and sizes, there are various options in the designs and prices of such sets. 

Final Words

For centuries, porcelain has been a highly-demanded material, and even in the 21st century, it continues to be the most popular. With rapid advancements in technology, pottery, and the dinnerware industry, materials like porcelain are being enhanced by mixing new ingredients, making them more durable and lightweight. A modern home or a fancy restaurant is truly incomplete without porcelain dinnerware. 


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