International Cargo Shipping By Sea or By Air


The USA today is the world’s economic capital. Here, you can buy everything at a fairly reasonable price. Many entrepreneurs started businesses in America and successfully transported goods to Canada, Europe, and worldwide. It is essential to choose the correct international cargo shipping method.

The most popular logistics solutions are delivering goods by air and sea. Let’s discuss what clients like and don’t like about both delivery options.

Commercial Freight Shipping by Air: Fast but Expensive

Air shipment between countries and continents is the fastest way to deliver cargo to any part of the world. Representatives of large and medium-sized businesses usually use it. The customer receives the goods in a few days: 1-2 days (express rate) and 3-5 days (standard rate). Air transport can choose a short and fast route to the required city. After all, the main disadvantage of air transportation is the high price.

Air transportation is ideal when you need “a hot shipment” to deliver:

  • Perishable goods.
  • Electronics.
  • Art objects.
  • Designer clothing.
  • Valuable cargo.

In these cases, the overpayment is justified. In all other cases, sea transportation can be the best option.

Commercial Freight Shipping By Sea: Long but Cheap

Shipment by sea is the most economical cargo shipping international option. The sea delivery price from the USA to Europe will be much lower than air transport.

Transportation is carried out in special metal containers installed on the ship. There are no restrictions on dimensions – weight and volume. Therefore, many entrepreneurs consider sea transportation to be the best option.

Another advantage of sea transportation is the possibility of using LCL containers. An entrepreneur who wants to transport a small consignment of goods does not need to pay for the entire container, but shares the price and space with other entrepreneurs. Groupage cargo is an excellent opportunity to save a lot.

Sometimes, the shipment may take 7 -10 weeks or longer and be delayed due to weather conditions.

Why Should I Choose Meest?

The international freight forwarder USA Meest recommends delivering the goods with favorable conditions. Such a mission as delivering goods from America to Europe will be performed efficiently and quickly. The company provides various services, including container shipping, logistics, and customs paperwork.

Are you interested in the price of international transportation? Leave a request to get the maximum useful information, and Meest specialists will help you.


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