Top Features that Separate Pro Gym Management Software From the Competitors

A lot goes into operating a gym business, which might feel overwhelming at times. You have to schedule classes, inspections, and staff and still ensure proper equipment maintenance. Even when you have the best team globally, the number of things you need to do can get out of hand unless you have a way to streamline everything.

Luckily, technology has made it possible through gym management software. You can monitor and manage your business easily because the software has all the necessary tools. However, not all gym management software is good for your business. How do you know whether the software is right for your gym?

Features That Mindbody Competitors Have

  1. Highly Accessible to All Parties

An important feature in any gym management system is accessibility. Anyone who uses the gym should be able to access the software without any struggle. Trainers need to access the scheduling tools with ease and be able to plan. In the same way, the clients need access to the software to check or update their membership. Mindbody competitors have mastered making their software easily accessible to everyone.

  1. Mobile Application Functionality

Mindbody competitors that have incorporated mobile app functionality in their software have a larger clientele because of the convenience of mobile apps. Nobody wants to spend the entire day seated at a desk and do the same when accessing the gym software. It is much easier to have an app on your phone to interact with the gym resources from anywhere. 

  1. Easy to Navigate and Set-Up

Most people will stop using software halfway if the learning curve is steep or requires many processes to set up. The whole point of any software is to make work easier. If navigating the software turns too hard, most people would rather not interact with the software at all. That is the advantage that Pro Gym Management has over its competitors. The software is easy to navigate and even easier to set up.

  1. Easy to Configure Memberships

Every gym business is different, with different types of memberships and a way of doing things. Therefore, good gym management software should be easily customizable to fit the needs of that particular gym. With Pro gym management, you can tailor the software to what you need and do away with anything you don’t need.

  1. Enables Secure Billing and Payments

Gym management software offers everything under one roof, including billing. What sets mind-body competitors apart is the ability to facilitate secure billing. The system automates and customizes the bills according to different membership types. Clients can get their invoices and correct bills when they access their accounts.


Before investing in gym management software, you should research to ensure you get all the above features. There are numerous Mindbody competitors in the market today, and it is only fair that you pick the best one for your business. Ensure you look at the most essential features for your type of business. Once you do that, everything else will fit in seamlessly.


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