International payments and transfers with Weststein

In the modern world, people are often faced with the need to make international payments. Such services are available thanks to the system of international payments. The international system is the transmission of messages about banking transactions. Through it, banks send messages to each other about the transfer of money.
At the same time, the speed and mobility of these operations play an important role. Therefore, the implementation of international transfers is much more convenient, since this operation takes several minutes, and you don’t even have to leave your home.
International transfers make it possible to quickly and safely send money to anywhere in the world. With their help, transactions are instantly carried out, whether it is the transfer of funds from one account to another, payment for goods and services provided, payment for education abroad, and much more.
Especially popular today are international money transfers from card to card between people, in other words, P2P payments (person-to-person). When funds are debited from the card of one individual and credited to the card of another.

Send international payment online

WestStein allows you to send an international payment online instantly, without being tied to a place and time. It is safe and confidential at the same time.
The IBAN number enables the WestStein virtual card holder to freely conduct financial transactions regardless of location and time of day. All that is needed is access to the network and the amount of money in the account.
You can transfer an international payment using SWIFT payment.
SWIFT payment is a transfer that allows you to make a payment to any bank in different countries of the world.
Transferring an international payment is extremely simple:
you need to contact the financial institution in which you opened an account;
provide details of the recipient;
designate the SWIFT code of the beneficiary’s bank;
indicate the recipient’s IBAN number;
name the amount and purpose of the transfer.
Within three days the money will be transferred. Specifying the SWIFT code is mandatory for making a transaction in foreign currency. It identifies a financial institution. It is worth noting that there are institutions that charge a commission for accepting a foreign transfer.

WestStein online checking account

Such a service is most often required by entrepreneurs in order to conduct commercial transactions. Such an online settlement account makes it possible to easily and quickly accept funds from partners, receive wages, pay for goods and services for the further activities of the company.
You can be calm about the security of your account. Any Weststein card is guaranteed to be protected, and no worse than a bank one. The Mastercard 3D Secure system provides protection against cyber fraudsters.


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