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4 Tips For Naturally Controlling High blood Sugar

The heart is a muscle that pumps blood around the body. As it travels, the blood delivers oxygen to the body’s vital organs.

Sometimes, a problem in the body makes it harder for the heart to pump the blood. This could happen, for example, if an artery becomes too narrow.

Persistent high blood pressure can put a strain on the walls of the arteries. This can lead to a variety of health problems, some of which can be life threatening.

Read on to get simple tips to control it.

1. Consume herbal mixtures everyday:

Herbs like scent leaf and curry leaves help a lot. The key is to extract the water and drink it.

2. Highly reduce daily carbohydrate intake:

It is impossible to not eat Carbohydrates in a day, but you want to keep it at the barest minimum. Eat more of Chicken, turkey and fishes Instead.

3. Exercise everyday:

It does not have to be intense, simply walking till you sweat would go a long way.

4 Stay Consistent and discipline


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