6 Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been one of man’s ancient remedies for several health conditions. And while you may think of it as a recreational activity, the health benefits of massage therapy are immense. The deep kneading of the skin and muscles provide a host of health and wellness benefits such as improved circulation, healing from joint pain, and posture improvement.

If you are looking for a therapeutic remedy to pain and discomfort, give massage therapy a try. The healing benefits will give you much needed relief, especially if you’ve suffered with spain for a long time. 

Here are some of the top benefits of seeking massage in Lexington KY.

  1. Massage therapy helps improve performance

Many athletes and other individuals who endure strenuous physical activities suffer from muscle tension. One remedy for such is receiving a massage to reduce the soreness and stress. Looking for massage therapy near me will bring that much needed relief.

The results are improved performance, vigor, and top-notch exercises. A massage also helps individuals have less stiffness after any workout.

2. Improves blood circulation

Massage therapies have been shown to help in improving blood circulation. The benefit arises because massage involves applying pressure and moving ligaments, muscles, and tendons in different manners. 

Start searching for massage therapy near me. The movements and pressure applications will help release the build-up of the soreness, thus helping blood flow more freely. With improved blood circulation, you feel whole and have a sense of wellness, thus performing any activity optimally.

3. Wellness and improved physical health

Massage therapy is ideal for relaxation and calmness. These two results are due to the production of endorphins- brain chemicals responsible for the ‘feel good’ state. The feeling is necessary for your wellbeing and health.

Massages have also been part of treatments for most immune-related diseases and disorders. Experts recommend it because it helps reduce stress-triggering hormones, which harm the immune system.

4. Remedy for paining joints and muscles

Like machines, your body is prone to everyday wear and tear. And while the wear may be a result of repetitive activity like driving, some of it may be due to the release of body proteins known as cytokines. These proteins also cause inflammation, leading to pains and discomfort on the joints. Googling massage therapy near me will help bring down swelling. 

One of the proven treatments is massage which reduces the release of proteins. A massage also helps suppress the pain and swellings associated with this condition

5. Posture improvement

Massage therapy also helps in improving your posture due to its healing power. After massage therapy, there is a reduction of overall bodily pain. As such, you’ll have improved posture because nothing is hindering you from achieving an upright physical stance..

Further, massage therapies are recommended after injuries to help patients regain their muscular strength and posture.

6. Help improve your immune syste

Studies show that massages increase white blood cell production. These cells are your body’s defense against disease-causing organisms.

Thus, several massages can trigger this increase to better fight off diseases.

Final Thoughts

Massage therapies have been an age-old tradition, and the benefits have still remained. Despite the many outlined benefits, it shouldn’t replace regular medical care. Speak with a medical expert to help you determine if you should receive massage therapy alongside your current treatment.


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