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Health Benefit Of Vegetable Sponge (LUFFA CYLINDRICA)

Luffa offers many health benefits, women use luffa to restore absent menstrual periods. Nursing mothers use it to increase milk flow.
Nigeria local name :
  • sosowanka(Hausa)
  • kankan Ayaba or eeso ewe yewuru(Yoruba)
Common name :
  • Gourd
  • Bath Sponge
  • Dish Cloth Gourd
  • Dish-Cloth Gourd
  • Towel Gourd
  • Dishrag Gourd
  • Vegetable Sponge
  • Rag Gourd
  • Wash-Rag Sponge
  • Smooth Luffa
  • Scrubber Gourd
  • Wild Vegetable Sponge

Benefits Of Vegetable Sponge

  • It lower blood and urine sugar levels without increasing blood insulin levels and i
  • beneficial for weight loss.
  • It is low in saturated fat and cholesterol
  • high in dietary fibre, vitamin C, riboflavin, zinc, thiamin, iron, magnesium and manganese.
  • Great for liver problems
  • Helps with jaundice and anemia.
  • Used as an external application to sores and the bites of venomous animals.
  • Useful in asthma, skin diseases and splenic enlargement
  • It is used internally for rheumatism, backache, internal hemorrhage, chest pains as well as hemorrhoids.
  • The dried fruit fibers are used as abrasive sponges in skin care, to remove dead skin and to stimulate the circulation.
  • The fruits are useful in fever, syphilis, tumours, bronchitis, splenopathy and leprosy.
  • The vine is most commonly grown for the fibrous interior of the fruits.
  • Kernel of seed is expectorant, demulcent and used in dysentery.
  • Seed oil is used in leprosy and skin diseases.
  • Fruit is intensely bitter and fibrous. It has purgative property and is used for dropsy, nephritis, chronic bronchitis and lung complaints.
  • It is also applied to the body in putrid fevers and jaundice.
Luffa grows best in tropical and subtropical climates and thrives in well-drained soils. It is a coarse, vigorous, monoecious and annual vine that bears cylindrical and smooth fruits which are used as culinary vegetables.
The plant bears flowers during summer. There are three varieties of Luffa such as: Angled luffa, Smooth luffa, Taiwan luffa.

How to eat

The buds, flowers and young fruits are consumed as okra or squash after cooking. Luffa fruit could be either sautéed in a little oil or sliced in a stir fry.
The flowers could be added to the salads. In stir-fried dishes and soups, Luffa Fruit could be added as an ingredient. The skin could be used to make chutneys. It could be stir fried or used in curry as a vegetable.


Pregnant and nursing women should consume but should be limited. While others can consume at will because luffa currently does not have serious side effects.

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