Homemade Hair Protective Cleancer

Protecting hair from heat, dust, and pollution is always a top priority for women these days. An increase in pollution and heat can damage your hair irreparably. Homemade hair cleanser are the best ways to keep your hair protected from difficult conditions of dust and heat, which can make your hair lose its shine, bounce, and health.

These special hair protective cleanser will not just offer a protective layer over your tresses but will also help in keeping away damage. If your hair is already damaged, you need to use this pack daily or you might also use them on a weekly basis, based on your requirements.

Protect Your Hair From Heat And Dust:

1. Almond Oil and Curd Cleanser:

This is a popular cooling and cleansing pack for hair, especially if it is damaged due to excessive heat and dust problems. Curd helps to form a soft and shiny layer on the strands, helps in retaining moisture and keeps hair healthy and soft. 

You will also need one tablespoon honey. You will then mix all the ingredients and massage the pack on your hair. Leave the pack for at least two hours and then you can rinse your hair using normal water. You can later shampoo your hair.

2. Coconut Cream Cleanser:

If your hair is exposed to too much dust and heat, hair tends to get dry and dehydrated. It gets dirty, which causes it to look limp and dull. To keep your hair protected from such damage, coconut cream is highly effective and will help you. To prepare the pack, you need to slowly scrape out all coconut cream from the tender coconut. You can then microwave this for around 6-7 seconds and warm it gently.

You can slowly massage this pack on your hair. Massage gently from the root to the tip. You can then keep your hair warm and wrapped using a warm towel. Let it remain for an hour. You can then wash off your hair using a mild shampoo. Let your hair dry naturally.

3. Egg Milk Cleanser

To prepare the pack, you need to beat at least two eggs. Add three tablespoons full cream milk. Mix well till the mixture is of even consistency. Once you have the pack ready, you need to apply the pack on your hair. Let the pack remain for at least one hour and then apply it on your hair.

Eggs and milk cream offer a protective coating on your hair and will keep your hair in good condition. You can rinse off the pack with normal water after thirty minutes.

4. Coconut Milk and Sweet Lime Juice Cleanser:

One of the main problems faced by most people, due to over exposure of heat and dust is dullness. You can remove this dullness and roughness from your hair with a healthy pack of sweet lime juice and coconut milk. To prepare the pack, you need one cup of coconut milk, half a cup of sweet lime juice and half pint of beer.

Use a brush to apply this pack on your hair. Leave the pack on your hair for at least twenty minutes and then you can rinse it off using a mild shampoo. This pack shall leave your hair protected from heat and dust damage. use this pack on a daily basis.

5. Banana Hair Cleanser:

Bananas are rich in vitamins, different oils, and proteins. These nutrients help to keep hair soft, nourished and protected from heat and dust. You need one whole banana for this pack. Mash the banana so that you have a fine banana pulp. Add one teaspoon of almond oil, one teaspoon of lemon juice and one whole egg. Beat the mixture well and apply the pack on your hair.

Massage the scalp and hair strands so that the pack is well absorbed in the hair. You can wrap a warm towel and let your hair remain covered for at least thirty minutes. You can then remove the pack. Apply the pack on a daily basis.

6. Honey and Guava Cleanser:

A good way to protect your hair from damaged caused due to sun and dust is with the help of a guava and honey. Guavas are rich in vitamin C which are quite well for hair health, help in keeping hair soft and reduce drying. You need four tablespoons of ripe mashed Guava .

Add a teaspoon of honey and mix well. Apply this pack on your hair and wash after thirty minutes. This pack is an effective which keeps away dandruff and restores hair balance at the same time.


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