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Almond milk is a plant milk manufactured from almonds with a creamy texture and nutty flavor, although some types or brands are flavored in imitation of dairy milk.  Almond milk is a nutritious alternative to cow’s milk. Almond milk is made by blending almonds with water and then straining the mixture to remove the solids. You can also make it by adding water to almond butter. It has a pleasant, nutty flavor and a creamy texture similar to that of regular milk.

Although, almonds are not among the allergic nuts, it also has various side effects. Everything has its pros and cons. This statement also applies to almond milk. Almond milk may cause various allergic reactions to an individual.

Consumption of almond milk may cause very negative impact on health if the below cons are not taken into consideration:

 Reactions On Skin

Eczema, itching and hives are few of the skin reactions which occur as a result of consuming almond milk. These reactions usually appear approximately within 10 minutes to 1 hour of the consumption of almond milk.

May Lead To Complications In Children

Consumption of almond milk may not be beneficial for children health. In turn it may lead to many complications in their later life. Nutritions contained in the almond milk are not sufficient for the complete development of the baby. As a result, infants suffer from malnutrition. Hence, one should think of disadvantages of consuming almond milk before feeding it to the children.

Bloating In The Abdomen

Bloating in the abdomen is one of the serious affects of almond milk. It results in the increase of stomach size. This symptom can be found in the people who are allergic to almond milk.

Swelling On Facial Region

Though almond milk is considered as a healthy alternative for dairy milk, it may cause severe reactions on your health. These reactions may range from mild to severe. Severity depends on the amounts of almonds consumed. Swelling on facial region or tingling around the mouth can be seen if people with nut allergies consume the almond milk. Almond milk should be avoided by the people who are suffering from nut allergies as this milk can have negative impact on health.

Should Be Avoided To Prevent Allergic Reaction Of Lactose

Lactose allergic people also may have side effects by consuming almond milk. Hence, they should completely avoid drinking the almond milk.

Respiration And Breathing Problems

Respiration and breathing problems are some of the side effects of consuming the almond milk. These problems include breathing and wheezing. These symptoms are usually seen in the people who have issues with their breathing such as asthma.


One of the serious affects of almond milk is diarrhea. It is a serious negative effect of consuming almond milk. Usually diarrhea goes away within 2 days. If diarrhea doesn’t go away within 2 days and it is becoming severe,  you must consult the doctor immediately. If you notice fever, blood in stools, dehydration signs and severe abdominal pain or rectal pain along with diarrhea, immediate care should be taken. Otherwise, it may lead to death.

 Raise In Sugar Levels

Almond milk includes sugar content, excess of which may lead to various health problems. As almond milk contains higher percentage of sugar, its consumption may lead to severe complications.

Vomiting And Head Ache

Vomiting and headache usually occur for various reasons. If you notice these symptoms after the consumption of almond milk, it is recommended to stop the consumption of almond milk. These are also few of the negative affects. Severe vomiting may be dangerous to health which may lead to death.

 Abdominal Cramps

Abdominal cramps occur because of various reasons. One of the reasons is the consumption of almond milk. Whether your stomach ache is mild, sharp or severe, you must pay attention to it and identify the reasons. If you notice abdominal cramps as soon as you drink almond milk, stop consuming it. It is one of the indication that almond milk is not well-suited for you.



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