Picking the Best Hat to Suit the Shape of Your Face – Insights by Pro Hat Makers

hatsMost people focus on the style and color of the hat when buying one, but it can get confusing and overwhelming due to the large choice. Once you have decided the reason for buying a hat, you should instead focus on finding out which hats suit the shape of your face the best. If you have never paid any attention to your facial shape, understanding how to know what will look good on you can be tricky if you do not know the correct procedure.

Understanding Facial shapes 

The three most important considerations in getting to know the shape of your face are the width of your face across its widest part, the jawline, and the length of your face. Even though every face is unique, you may fall into one or more facial shape categories. These are long faces, round faces, square faces, heart-shaped faces, and diamond-shaped faces. Each has its distinctive elements, even though some common features can make it a little confusing to decide your facial shape.

Choosing a Hat That Complements the Shape of Your Face

After you have evaluated your face to know what shape it is, you can start looking at hats to pick the ones that will highlight certain features and bring an overall sense of balance so that you look your best. However, as important as it is to choose a hat that looks good, it is more critical to pick one that looks good on you. Some recommendations for choosing hats as per the shape of your face:


Long Faces

If you have a long face, you will want to reduce its length for a more balanced appearance. An effective method is to wear hats with brims cutting across your forehead, which can shorten the length of your face. Typically, you can look at hats with wide brims like straw and sun hats. If you prefer western style, you can buy a cowboy hat that suits long faces with its wide brim and low height. Positioning the hat across the middle of your forehead will complement your features. If you are looking for a winter hat, you can consider a trapper hat that balances out the length of your face with its side flaps. A style that is not too tall and fits snugly is ideal, especially for oval-shaped faces.

Round Faces

Many people with round faces mistakenly think they will need to hunt for a hat that suits fat faces while all they need to do is acknowledge their smooth features. With their shallow crowns, angular details, and narrow brims, fedora hats are ideal for round faces because they help downplay the smooth and symmetrical features typically found in round faces. You can also consider angled hats like the iconic Panama hat to complement your round face. Beanies can be a good choice for the cold season, as they expose more of your face and permit a more balanced look. You can make the task easier by setting the beanie back on the head to reveal your face more and create the effect of a longer face. Adding a pompom also helps to create the effect. According to Gentleman’s Gazette, people with round faces should avoid small hats.


Square Faces

If you have a square face, you will generally want to use rounded and smooth features to reduce the impact of your angular features. People with square faces will do well to consider floppy hats or sunhats to add softer features to their faces. Generally, all big hats with wide brims suit people with square faces, but if you want something a little retro, you can consider a cloche hat that softens the angles of your face with its rounded looks.

Heart-Shaped Faces

If your face is heart-shaped with prominent cheekbones, you should avoid hats with narrow crowns, but if your cheekbones are subtle, you can get a good effect by choosing a structured hat that narrows at the top a little as it will help to balance your narrow chin. Some top choices for those with heart-shaped faces are baseball caps because you don’t have to worry about making your face look wider with the brim at the front. Newsboy caps are also a good choice because they don’t make your face look wider being flat. The straight lines on the brim and the slight angle create symmetry with your jawline. Since fedoras have slim profiles and small brims, they help maintain a balance in your facial proportions. The pointed tip also goes well with the prominent chin typically found in heart-shaped faces. When the temperature plummets, you can don a thin-knit beanie that will keep you warm without adding bulk to the top of your head. Since the widest part of a heart-shaped face is at the top, wearing a thin hat allows you to downplay it.


Diamond-Shaped Faces

People with diamond-shaped faces will benefit from setting the hat a little back on their heads to help maintain the proportions between their jawlines and foreheads. However, you may not be able to wear many hats like that due to their shapes. A flat cap goes well with a diamond-shaped face because you don’t need to set it back on your head. Wearing a flat cap or a pork pie hat will add the necessary contrast to your narrow chin. A wide-brim fedora is a good choice since you are supposed to wear it set a little back on your head. The wide brim adds more width to the top of your head and makes a good contrast with your narrow jawline. You can also consider outback hats because even though there is no need to set them back on your head, their narrow crowns maintain your facial proportions.


Establishing the shape of your face and taking it into account can help you choose a hat you will look good in. More often than not, people ignore this aspect or don’t recognize its impact and choose hats although individually stylish, do not look good on you. You will want to avoid buying a hat that accentuates features that detract from your looks. 


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