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Healthy Foods Breastfeeding Mothers Should Eat More

Nutritious Foods Lactating Mothers Should Not Do Without

Pregnancy is always something of joy especially to young couples with the happiness boundless more to the woman.

She is carrying her own baby- What else can be more exciting? The very hour the child is born, the baby is expected to be fed by her mother provided there was no complication during delivery.

The quality of breast milk available for feeding the child is determined by the quality and quantity of foods consumed by the mother during and after pregnancy.

Yes, losing the weight associated with pregnancy might be a relief, but what is even more important for your body shortly after the arrival of your baby is eating foods that are nutritious and energy-dense to allow a breastfeeding mum perform her natural responsibility to her child.

Here Are Some Foods Breastfeeding Mothers Should Eat More

This short post came to bear when I realized how a mum who was always eating well, breastfed her baby exclusively for 4 months. The result on the child is clearly impressive.

1. Watermelon:

No lactating or breastfeeding mum wants to be dehydrated.

Aside advising them to drink enough amount of water since they constantly produce breast milk which should contain more than 90% water.

I prefer breastfeeding mum to consume fruit like water melon that will not only hydrate them but also provide adequate vitamins and antioxidant that will directly improve the nutrition of the child.

The good health of the mother is also very critical during breastfeeding.

2. Milk While Giving Out Milk:

Yes, Milk. As a breastfeeding mother who needs to provide calcium loaded breast milk to her child, there is need for her to to consume milk products that will help replenish the lost calcium.

Depending on the preference of such woman, options like yogurt, whole milk, skimmed milk, cheese and home made ice cream can be helpful.

For those that are lactose intolerant, options like bananas and plant based foods like orange juices and tofu that are fortified with calcium can provide some replacement.

3. Salmons And Other Fish Types:

It is no news talking about the importance of omega 3 fatty acid even in the lives of everyone of us. For breastfeeding mum, there is need to supply this healthy fat to the child for proper brain function and growth.

The produced breast milk also contains some amount of protein. Consuming healthy protein from salmon and sardines that are low in mercury is a good way to start.

4. Leafy Vegetables:

When I say vegetables, I do not mean overcooked neither am I talking about under-cooked ones.

It has to be moderately prepared to make the nutrient more bio-available while avoiding the loss of these nutrients due to high heat. In the diet of an Infant, supply of Vitamin A is key for improved nutrition.

Green and leafy vegetables are excellent sources of vitamins and nutrients like vitamin A, calcium, vitamin C, and iron. Spinach and broccoli are good examples.

According to a study conducted by researchers from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health found that a single, oral dose of vitamin A, given to infants shortly after birth can reduce their risk of death by 15 percent.

5. Sweet Potatoes:

Every breastfeeding mum needs to consume an extra 500kcal of food to complement the food requirement by the child.

This vegetable provides healthy calorie and a rich source of vitamin A, carotenoids and potassium. I chose to recommend sweet potato over other tubers because it contains an array of nutrients.

Other foods to be consumed by breastfeeding women are those rich in folate. Okro is a typical example.

Breastfeeding mothers would find this article useful. If you are a lady, some day you will be pregnant and have your own children. Do adhere to some of the tips highlighted in this article.


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