Endorsed Legitimate Herbs For Treatments Of Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B Is spreading like wild fire faster than HIV.
I am begging us all, we have to be more careful, women buy your needles when you want to fix your hair, men buy your nail cutters.
Today we bring to you- the natural remedies for hepatitis B.

Natural Remedies for Hepatitis B

A hepatitis B virus infection can either be acute or chronic, with the acute symptoms appearing quickly in adults and if well managed, leaving quickly.
HBV is highly contagious and it can spread by touching infected blood, maternal transfer during birth, using contaminated needles, sex of any type and using sharp objects with remnants of infected fluid

Symptoms of Hepatitis B Include:

Fatigue, dark urine, body pain, loss of appetite, fever and jaundice
Acute Hepatitis B if left untreated can turn into chronic hepatitis B which is much more difficult to treat. It can lead to liver failure, cancer and even death!

These herbs have been endorsed as legitimate treatments for Hepatitis B

Phyllanthus Amarus or nuiri

You can see this plant growing as weed in your area.
Yorubas call it eyin olobe and believe if you take the juice last thing at night everyday, you will live up to 100 years.
Research indicates that it increases antioxidants and reduces lipid per oxidation of liver cell membranes.
It protects the liver from the effects of the Hepatitis Virus. Boil the leaves and roots as tea, to be taken first thing in the morning and last thing at night till for 20 days.

Bitter leaf

Extracts from bitter leaf have been demonstrated to offer protection against Hepatitis B and C.
To extract, squeeze 40 bitter leaves into 4 litres of water. Drink one glassful three times daily for two months.

Poly-herbal preparation

Bitterleaf, Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Garlic, Phyllantus amarus (Eyin olobe in Yoruba) used together can help fight the virus.


Curcumin, the natural yellow-colored active principle, also called turmeric yellow, extracted from the perennial herb Curcuma longa L., has potent biological and pharmacological properties such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-ischemic, antitumor, and anticancer actions.
Overall, scientific reports demonstrate that curcumin has high therapeutic ability for treating hepatic disorders.

Sugar cane

According to Ayurveda, sugarcane juice helps strengthen your liver and is thus suggested as a remedy for jaundice, hepatitis and poor functioning liver.
What sugarcane juice does is replenish your body with proteins lost and nutrients that it needs to recover quickly.


With these herbs working for you, you can permanently say goodbye to Hepatitis B.

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