Life hacks in betting

Sports betting is an interesting activity, in which it is important to have a good understanding of the essence of sports disciplines, to feel the situation in the championship and to assess it correctly. But any bettor tries to find little tricks for himself that can simplify the process of winning. Some life hacks allow you to save time, others are aimed at getting a win with a high degree of probability. They look simple at first glance, but not all betting shop users catch the eye. We figure out what life hacks will be a great help in betting on sports events.

Placing bets and following sports are one of the most important and beloved activities among bettors. 22Bet is a bookmaker to provide players with the best professional sports betting services and offer them enjoyment. To motivate players, 22Bet provides many promotional opportunities that bring more benefits and joy for bettors. Try 22BET Mobile App, you will see all information regarding all suitable bonuses at this stage and guide you through initiating them.

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High odds insurance

Often, attentive users manage to catch a profitable single with a high coefficient. And if the situation starts to change, you can eliminate risks, secure almost one hundred percent profit.

For example, the favorite loses in a football match with a score of 0:2 and his potential victory is estimated at 5. The user places a bet on a clear victory with a conditional face value of $100, a strong team makes a comeback and leads 3:2 a few minutes before the end. The X2 outcome, which implies a draw or the success of the lagging team, begins to be quoted at 2-3. It is worth betting on it with the same face value (100) as on the first bet.

By this, the user insures against an outsider’s goal scored in the last moments of the match.

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A look at the broadcast before the bet

Many bettors turn to the broadcast only after they place a bet. But in such a situation, you can bet at the wrong time. Parallel viewing of the match will help to avoid this.

It is advisable to refuse to bet at the moment when the opponent is in a winning position (corner or dangerous free kick in football, most in hockey). In addition, it is on the broadcast that you can see that the athlete is limping, experiencing discomfort, and was injured. And even if the odds do not yet reflect this, the bettor may well take advantage of the current situation.

Subscribe to alerts and SMS notifications

Pop-up notifications on your smartphone or constant SMS are often annoying, so many decide to turn them all off in the settings. But it is worth noting that most often the bookmaker sends out useful information, messages about upcoming top events, promotions and contests, as well as the opportunity to get a free bet. All this can be missed if you try to follow manually, independently comb through individual sections of the site. Let’s say from personal experience, this saves time and allows you to pick up all the bonuses from the bookmaker.

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Profile sports in “Favorites”

We must not forget about the important factor of speed, which often greatly affects the process of sports betting. You need to understand that quotes change almost instantly, it is important to quickly respond to ongoing events. And the line (both pre-match and live) is full of completely different sports – from football to cricket.


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