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Nutrient Value of Pineapple Leaves

The pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) is one of the most popular tropical fruit in the world. World pineapple production was 18 million tons in 2009. Beside fruits, pineapple fields yield large amounts of leaves that may be used for their high quality fibre or as feedstuff for ruminants.

The pineapple is a stoloniferous herbaceous, short-lived perennial plant that can reach 0.75-1.25 m in height, with a short and thick stem and a very shallow root. The leaves are waxy, succulent, 50-180 cm long and sword-like, and bear sharp upcurved spines on the edges. The leaves are arranged in a rosette around the stem. Leaf colour is very variable: from uniform green to variously striped with red, yellow or ivory down the middle or near the margins. Offshoots emerge from the stem at leaf axils. They are divided into aerial suckers and basal suckers. Basal suckers allow ratooning, but ratoon crops yield less. The flowers are small and trimerous, red or purple, borne on an inflorescence at the apex of the stem. Flowering occurs progressively from the base up to the apex of the stem. The fruits are berries that merge together and form a single, cone-shaped, juicy and fleshy fruit whose core is the former stem. The fruit develops in 20 days. The fruit is generally seedless and is very variable in shape, size, weight and colour (from greenish to reddish or yellowish). Flesh colour varies from nearly white to yellow

Nature has it all but mankind is yet to discover how blessed they are with fruits and vegetables around their environment. Pineapple leaves is nature’s pharmacy. It’s a good remedy for body pains.


Pineapple leaves have a lot of nutrients that are very good for your health. There are various interesting innovations around processed foods made from pineapple leaves, including pineapple leaf crackers,pineapple leave teas, pineapple leaves cookies etc . In addition, pineapple leaves can also be used as a handicraft material, a lot of pineapple leaf craftsmen are currently growing rapidly all over the world. Pineapple leaves tea has worked on various illnesses over the years with amazing healing effects.

Nutrients Value of Pineapple Leaves

  • Pineapple Leaves contains
  • Calcium oxalate
  • Bromelin enzyme
  • Pectic substantial
  • Fiber
  • Cellulose
  • Pentose


Heal Nosebleeds

For those of you who have a habit or symptoms of nosebleeds when you are too tired or had a stress, you can cure it by drinking boiled water pineapple leaves regularly. To add flavor, you can add it with honey. Just cut some pineapple leaves and clean them properly. Boil in a pot to make tea and drink 2 cups daily.

Cure TB Disease

Pineapple leaves are also very useful for those of you who have a history of glandular tuberculosis. With the help of pineapple leaf and its beneficial content, there is a chance for your health to be improved and you can heal more effectively.

Heal the Vomiting

Vomiting is one of the diseases caused by bacteria and viruses, to cure it you can use pineapple leaves. There is also some other herbal plant that has similar effect of curing such as Health benefits of Tuba Tuba leaves.

Relieves Flu

For those of you who experience flu and difficult to recover, you can drink boiled water of pineapple leaves regularly after waking up and before waking up. Pineapple boiled water is very good for your throat and also had a chance to reduce your flu.

Controls Diabetes

Pineapple, being rich in fiber, is a great food for diabetics and intake of pineapple leaves results in improved blood sugar, insulin, and lipid levels.

Relieves Coughing Up Symptom

Not only to relieve flu, pineapple leaves can also relieve cough with phlegm. Phlegm sometime feel very irritating and need to be cured. One of the solution is using the boiled water of pineapple leaves. The leaves can help to reduce your cough. There is also some other leaves that has some benefits like the pineapple leaves, like the Health benefits of Chili leaves.

As a cure to Dysentery disease

Dysentery is one of the digestive diseases, to cure it you can consume boiled water of pineapple leaves.

Cures Diarrhea

Nutritional content in pineapple leaves can cure your diarrhea diseases, especially for those of you who experience diarrhea due to poisoning.

Treat Inflammation of throat

Sore throat other than pain can also affect your appetite, to treat it you can drink boiled pineapple leaves. There is also some other herbal plant that can help you cure your throat such as Health benefits of Eating Mahi Mahi

As a cure to Hemorrhoids disease

There are many health benefits of pineapple leaves. For those of you who want to treat hemorrhoids without surgery, you can use boiled pineapple leaves or capsules. And in addition, surgery should not be the first solution to cure your disease if there is still a chance of herbal plant usage.

Acts a Fever medicine

In addition to treating flu and cough, you can treat a variety of other minor ailments such as fever.

Prevent the TB

In addition to treating tuberculosis, pineapple stew can also prevent TB disease.

As a Drugs for Vein dislocation

Wrong vein or vein dislocation is one of the diseases that are often experienced especially for those of you who like to move. To treat it you can use pineapple leaves.

As a Drugs for Cure and treat Bruises

To treat bruises, you can pound the pineapple leaves and attach them to bruises.

As a Cure to Heal Asthma disease

Asthma is one of the respiratory diseases, characterized by excessive shortness of breath and to remove it you can brew pineapple leaves.

Smoothing digestion system

For those of you who often experience not smooth digestion system, you can drink boiled pineapple leaves tea every morning.

Keeping Bowel and Stomach Healthy

To maintain intestinal health and stomach you can consume pineapple leaves regularly through making it into tea.

As a Drug to Burns

For those of you who want to heal burns faster and effectively, you can take advantage of mashed pineapple leaves. Rub the mashed fiber on your burnt parts to fast track your healing process.



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