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5 Reasons Why Ball Trimmers are Better Than Shaving

One thing is essential – doing it right. Keeping your balls clean is essential. To shave or trim them, which is better? You don’t want to risk ending up hurting yourself. Who wants to walk funny after a shaving session? There have been several horror stories. You want to avoid that.

So should you use a trimmer or a razor on your balls? This guide will explore these two. You’ll discover why a trimmer is better. Read on.

Balls Trimmer or a Razor: Which is Better? 

For most guys, it’s more comfortable for them only to trim their balls. This is often done before they advance to shaving them with razors. 

However, a great trimmer can still offer a smooth save. You still need to understand the good and bad sides of a trimmer. 

On the other hand, when you think about shaving your balls, what comes to mind? A razor, right? Razors remain key tools for the proper shaving of hair. This applies to balls and other body parts.

With razors come several downsides. You may have one in mind, the most common of them. Yes, you need more precision when using a razor. You must be very careful when handling it. Thanks to modern technology and tools, the risk of cuts are lesser. 

A ball trimmer is still safer than using a razor. 

Benefits of Using Balls Trimmers

There are several advantages of using ball trimmers instead of razors. Below are five of them.

Lightning speed trims

Trimming your balls with a trimmer is very fast. Turn on the trimmer, and you will be done in a few minutes. That’s mostly what you need to get a clean trim. If you are often on the move, this tool is priceless.

Get yourself one as soon as possible. It saves time and space. There are also varieties in the market to choose from, according to your personal preference.

Gentle on your skin

Some trimming tools for men cause irritation, such as shavers. Other results could be in-grown hair and cuts. A good ball trimmer will always reduce the risk of irritation. With it, you can easily trim your as close as to desire to your skin. There is a foil I’m it which protects your skin from irritation and cuts. 

Use in the shower

Yes, you can use your balls trimmer in the shower. A good trimmer would have waterproof. Therefore, it won’t be damaged. Do whatever you want to do with it while you are in the shower. 

However, make sure that you watch for pube build-up, especially at the plughole. 


You may use ball trimmers for hair all over your body. It is not only made for your balls. You can also use it for other sensitive parts of your body. Use them on body hair too. 

Has trimming guards

You can choose how high or low you want your trim to be. There are trimming guards for these trimmers, mostly 3/4mm and 5/6mm. Pick your choice of grooming lengths.

Many men don’t seem to use the guards. That’s because many of them desire a closer-to-shave approach. It is an individual preference. Experiment with what you like.

Things to Avoid When shaving or Trimming Your Balls

Whether you trim or shave your balls, there are a few things you want to avoid. Below are three of them.


Cuts are likely to occur when you shave or trim your balls. If you nick your knackers, the damage is pleasant. Therefore be very careful while working with that region. 

Should there be any cuts, please visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Bumps and itching 

When your hair begins to grow back, itching is more likely to occur. But if it’s an intense kind of itching, please visit a professional health practitioner. You need an over-the-counter solution.

Also, if you observe blisters or bumps, consult a healthcare professional or pharmacist. Always keep the region dry and clean. An over-the-counter antibiotic ointment could also help. 


If you are careful while shaving your balls, you won’t have irritation issues. However, if there is still irritation, it will clear up within one week or two. 


When you need to pick an option, either to use a razor to shave your balls or a trimmer, understand that the two could be the best solution. However, if you are just starting, you should stick to only trimming your balls. With time, you will graduate with shaving. Today, some ball trimmers can also be used for shaving. They are safe and comfortable to use. After a while, when you have had more experience, you can achieve a super smooth and clean shave with a razor. Finally, opt for an electric trimmer for balls because they are durable.



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