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Usefulness Of Moringa Leaf and Alligator Pepper


Soak Moringa leaf with Alligator Pepper in dry gin for 7 days , drink it for general well being

Todays Herbal Tips is the effect of the combination therapy of Moringa leaf and alligator pepper when soaked in dry gon for 7 days.

Ever since people discovered the usefulness of moringa leaf they started using it. When you use moringa leaf and locust beans to make your soup, it boosts fertility in females. Moringa leaf is rich in vitamin D, magnesium, omega 3 fatty acid, selenum and alanine. Moringa leaf is highly nutritious for infants of 6 months old and older, pregnant and nursing mothers.

Alligator pepper is a powerful herb that has been used over the years to treat skin infection, cure malaria and enhance wound healing. It should be noted that if you have high blood pressure or ulcer, alligator pepper is not good for you.

Method of preparation

Get freshly procured moringa leaf (10 strands will do) and wash with clean water. Get 7 alligator pepper seed and soak both in dry gin for 7 days. After 7 days, your medicine is ready for consumption.


Drink one small cup once in a day, preferably in the morning before eating. A small cup will be suitable for this.

What will this medicine do?

It treats kidney stone and chronic headache

It promotes libido

It detoxifies the liver

Its aphrodisiac properties will stimulate your s**ual desires

It normalizes blood sugar level

It prevents the growth of a tumor

It fights fungal infection

It reduces bad cholesterol level and maintains the level of good cholesterol

It strengthens the immune system and improves vision

It protects your body against inflammation

It removes free radicals from the body

Additional/Bonus Tips

Soak the moringa leaf and alligator pepper seed along with bitter leaf for 7 days. Drink one cup daily.


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  1. It treats kidney stones and chronic headaches, This is new and good news, as many people suffer from the problem of kidney stones and resort to surgery to remove them

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