Avocados Are A Nutrient Dense Cholesterol-Free Fruit With Naturally Good Fats

A healthy skin not only adds to your personality but also reflects how healthy you are on the inside.

Beauty tips and tricks won’t be effective until your inner nourishment is balanced, and now, another wonder food is in the news that adds to this inner nourishment and gives you radiant skin.

According to a recent study, fresh avocados combined with tomato sauce or raw carrots can help in the conversion of pro-vitamin A (inactive vitamin form) to vitamin A (active vitamin form).

Vitamin A is responsible for smooth immune functions, good vision, has antioxidant properties and is extremely vital for maintaining a healthy looking skin.

“Pairing certain foods together is more than just about taste – specific foods eaten together can help your body utilize their benefits more effectively.

We know that avocado consumers are interested in foods that act like a ‘nutrient booster’,” said Nikki Ford from Hass Avocado Board, US.

The researchers investigated if avocados could positively help the body use and absorb vitamin A from carotene-rich foods when eaten together.

The research was based on two-way crossover feeding studies in 12 healthy men and women.

Compared to a tomato sauce meal without avocado, the addition of one avocado (150 g), more than quadrupled (4.6 times) the conversion of pro-vitamin A to vitamin A.

Similarly, the researchers found that compared to a raw carrot meal without avocado, the addition of one avocado significantly increased (12.6 times) the conversion of pro-vitamin A to vitamin A.

“Avocados are a nutrient dense, cholesterol-free fruit with naturally good fats”, Ford added.

The findings were published in The Journal of Nutrition.


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