The More Information You Have, The More Power You Possess

Information can be overwhelming, especially when you’re first getting started. But it doesn’t have to be! With the right information at your fingertips, you can make great business decisions that will skyrocket your success in the industry. That’s why we’ve collected these eight sources of information to help you reach new heights of business acumen and know-how. Check them out and see how they can help you on your journey to the top!

No matter how many articles you read about a topic, there’s always something new

Knowing more information is always a good thing. Just because you don’t have a degree in the subject doesn’t mean that you can’t know as much as anyone else does about it. All of the important information is out there for you to research, you just need to find it and dig through it until you learn more. Even if you can’t find anything new on your topic, chances are someone has found something new and is ready to share it with the world. There are some great forums where people ask questions related to their interests so they can gain more knowledge or help others answer their questions. When you know more information than most people do on a topic, this gives you power over them.

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When you have an open mind you absorb ideas better

When you have an open mind you can be more easily persuaded to look at different perspectives. You will be open to more information and are likely to get a lot of power in the process.

Compile notes from multiple sources – it will make your ideas richer

It’s important to know what sources you are using for your writing. Whenever possible, link back to the original source so that your reader knows where the information came from. If you are using a quote and paraphrasing it at the same time, use quotation marks around it when you first use it and put a citation at the end of the sentence in parentheses with the author’s name and page number.

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Strive for objectivity – even if you disagree with some of the points in an article

There are many perspectives and opinions on the power of more information. A common theme in most of these perspectives is that information has a very powerful effect on decision-making. However, it is important to keep an open mind when reading other people’s opinions and ideas. Keep in touch with what you know to be true and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. If there is any conflicting information or differing opinion, it should be easy enough to find different sources that shed light on the subject from different angles.

Read the author’s bio – they may be speaking from personal experience

From her personal experience and with more than 20 years of coaching clients on how to improve their lives, Barb Starr is a best-selling author, intuitive counselor and life coach who helps people make powerful changes in their lives. She is the founder of the Conscious Coaching Institute. Her latest book, Free Yourself from Worry: Practical Solutions for Daily Stress was released this year.

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Take notes while reading. Jot down any other points you can think of while reading.

  1. Powerful people never regret decisions made or actions taken. 2. Important to take personal responsibility for your decisions and be open to feedback from others. 3. When you meet with someone new, it is a golden opportunity to learn something new about yourself and the world around you 4.

Put in the time – no shortcuts

Reading articles like this is a great start to learn about the latest in marketing, but it’s only going to work if you put in the time. There are no shortcuts here – for best results, spend time reading about the topic of your choosing and figuring out what aspects of that field interest you most. Explore various facets of the industry and make note of which ones pique your curiosity most. Keep learning from articles online and books you can find at your local library or bookstore.


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