How To Break An Addiction Problem: Tips, Tricks And Mistakes To Avoid

How To Break An Addiction Problem: Tips, Tricks And Mistakes To Avoid


Addiction is not a problem; it is more of a health issue. If you or your loved one is suffering from any type of addiction, life is much more challenging for them.

At some point, you have to quit any type of addiction. However, you have to ensure a complete recovery from that. In order to do that, you should always choose a detox center or treatment center in Las vegas by Gallus Detox.

Decide To Change

When you are thinking about getting out of addiction, the very first thing that the individual has to do is make a firm decision all by themselves. Once the decision has been made, they will have a particular goal in mind. 

  • Quit completely.
  • Reduce the amount of money and time spent on addictive behaviors.
  • Quit some specific addiction substance or behavior. 
  • Mitigate the bad effect of addictive behavior. 

For example, a friend of yours who is into drug addiction might have made the decision of quitting meth or heroin. However, the individual will continue smoking marijuana, or cigarettes, or drinking alcohol. 

There are also many heavy drinkers who have set a goal to drink only socially or one drink a day. Be very specific and clear about your goal before you start practicing. It is crucial for the success of changing your addictive behavior. 

However, a complete quit is the best path to a healthy and normal life. Eliminating or reducing the most harmful substances is also a great improvement. It will also reduce the harm caused by all those substances significantly. 

The scenario is also the same for behavioral addiction as well. 

  • Exercise Addiction

When you mitigate obsessive exercises to a healthy level, it will improve your wellness and health more than completely quitting the exercise

  • Sex Addiction

Total abstinence from sex can actually be another form of addiction to sex, which is named sexual anorexia. However, after sex addiction, developing healthy intimacy can be really fulfilling. 

  • Food Addiction

Any individual who is thinking about completely quitting eating is actually putting themselves at serious risk for eating disorders. Instead of that, a positive change in the eating habit, which involves a healthy diet and refraining from overeating, should be embraced here. 

Ambitious goals are not always the most effective ones. Rather than setting perfect goals, or major changes, you should take smaller steps to larger than life changes. This way, you will be able to achieve the goals, and it will also motivate you to go for the next goal. 

Here the chances of relapsing will also automatically get reduced. You should consult with your doctor or healthcare professionals and then set a more practical and achievable goal. 

Prepare Yourself To Change

We hope now you are clear about your goals. It is time to prepare yourself for the change. This preparation involves eliminating addictive substances from your reach, along with removing all those triggers that are present in your life. 

  • Individuals who are into drinking alcohol should give away their alcohol collection. Apart from that, the person also has to avoid the places, people, and events that might expose them to alcohol consumption. 
  • On the other hand, if you are into drug addiction, you should throw away all the drugs and tools and also stop spending time in those places with those people whom you used to do drugs with. 

We are not asking you to do everything on your own. Recovery is indeed a tough process; you need the assistance of your close ones. Contact your old friends, relatives, and family members who always wanted the best for you. 

Seek Social Support

We have just mentioned that for quitting substance abuse or ant behavioral addiction and preparing yourself for the big change, you will need peer support. Probably the toughest preparation you have to make is building social relationships. 

For those individuals with addiction, their life is often surrounded by addictive behaviors. So, joining a self-help group is actually a great idea. Here, they will get a group of people who will understand what the person is going through. 

Sometimes all a person needs is to be understood, and then they get the confidence to conquer the whole world. Here the scenario is also quite similar. 

Reach To Healthcare Professional

When you are into substance abuse, it is best to consult with healthcare professionals. If you are dealing with alcohol or drug addiction, detoxification and treating all those withdrawal symptoms become mandatory. 

So, opting for a rehabilitation or detoxification center is the best idea. There you will also get to know about different types of tools to combat relapsing probability during the after-treatment days. Remember, recovery is an endless process. 

Tips For Quitting Addictive Behavior

For each individual quitting is a totally different experience. Some find the entire process actually empowering and liberating, along with the feeling that they can achieve anything and everything. 

On the other hand, some find the process extremely painful, frustrating, and difficult. Often they also experience several failed attempts before achieving their goal. Still, during this quitting process, some discover totally new sides to themselves. 

Treatment For Overcoming Addiction

Now comes the treatment part. There are different types of treatments available for addiction. It involves both psychological and medical treatment. Here are some of the treatment programs. 

  • Mindfulness-based approaches.
  • CBT or cognitive behavior therapy.
  • Couples therapy.
  • Neurotherapy.
  • Family therapy.

In this treatment procedure, first, they go with the detoxification of the individual’s entire body. Here the harmful substances are flushed out from the individual’s body. In this phase, handling withdrawal symptoms is the most challenging part. 

During this particular time, the person needs some medical treatment in order to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. If they are not treated properly, some symptoms can be really severe and result in death. 

Never Relapse

We know after putting all the effort into quitting and recovering from the addiction; you do not want to fail. Yet, relapse is the most common thing everyone who is recovering from addiction faces. 

Thus, you have to completely avoid all the triggering points after your recovery as well. At the same time, be confident and think that you can achieve anything. 


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