CBD Oil and CBD Gel Caps. Which One Is Right for You?

If you are torn on what to choose – a CBD oil or gel cap, you are not alone. Both products are solid choices if you’re using CBD. Therefore, the selection you make will be based on your own likes and preferences.

A CBD oil is typically offered in a tincture that comes with a graduated dropper. It will feature an earthy taste which you may or may not like. On the other hand, a gel cap is meant to be swallowed. Typically, you’ll take one gel cap before you set out in the morning or before retiring at night.

CBD Oil and CBD Gel Caps – Taking the Medicines

Whereas an oil requires measuring out dosages, CBD gel caps eliminate this extra step. They also come in a child-safe bottle, so if you have little ones at home, you may prefer the gel caps. Whether you choose an oil or a gel cap is dependent on what you wish to treat and, again, your preferred use.

For instance, you may find it more practical to add CBD oil to your tea or coffee in the morning. You may like to do this better than swallowing a pill. However, if you travel a great deal, you probably will like the convenience of packing gel caps versus toting a tincture of the oil.

Do You Have a Specific Health Concern?

If you have specific conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes, cancer, or a neuropsychiatric disorder, you may find using the CBD oil directly is more effective. Some people who have arthritis like the gel cap as it is easier to handle and take. 

Factors to Consider

Taking CBD Oil

In most cases, it is best to select the oil if:

  • You want to measure out the amount you take yourself.
  • You wish to add the oil to a beverage
  • You don’t mind the earthy taste of the oil
  • You don’t mind applying the oil sublingually (beneath the tongue) for fast-acting results
  •  You want to gradually increase your dose over time

Taking the Gel Caps

Gel caps may be more to your liking, however, if the following apply:

  • You travel or lead a busy life and want a fast and convenient way to take CBD
  • You have toddlers at home and prefer the child-resistant container that holds the medicine
  • You don’t mind swallowing the gel caps
  • You prefer taking a tasteless form of CBD
  • You have limited storage or space for medicines or supplements

As you can see, either CBD ingestible product offers specific benefits. However, taking the oil produces faster and longer lasting results than when you take the capsules. You just need one or two drops of the oil, taken sublingually, to experience CBD’s benefits. Because the oil bypasses the digestive tract and liver, when taken this way, the effects are quicker and longer lasting.

If you take the gel caps, you might take the first tablet in the morning or after exercise in the middle of the day. While you can calculate dosing more precisely for the oil, you’ll need to increase or decrease your gel caps each day, to establish a routine.

Developing a Routine

If you wish to use CBD for stress relief, to minimize arthritis discomfort or pain, or to get a better night’s sleep, it probably will be easier to use the gel caps. On the other hand, if you are receiving cancer treatments, are using other medicines or supplements, or wish to regulate or increase your CBD dosing, the oil may be a better solution.


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