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Anger is an emotion which we all experience in our day to day life due to any stimulus. It may be feeling irritation to someone or feeling of causing physical or mental harm to someone, the feelings which one possesses when they are angry are different for all. However anger is absolutely normal, and usually a healthy emotion if it does not cause any direct or indirect harm to someone. However if can turn destructive and misfortune if not tamed at the right time, it can lead to various issues—issues at work place , issue in your personal life and relationship , also reduce the general quality of life.   Anger is a very powerful emotion, therfore one should be adequate enough to deal with it in optimistic manner as. Uncontrolled anger can take harmfully affect  your physical and mental health and your relationships. Since the humans evolved, anger is identified as a natural, adaptive reaction to threatening stimuli; it leads to powerful, mostly aggressive, feelings and behaviors, which helps us to fight and to protect ourselves when we are threatened or attacked by dangerous stimuli. Hence, some amount of anger is required for our survival. 

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Contrary to this, we can’t physically express anger at every person which annoys or hampers you, be it laws, societal norms, common sense bound us on how far our anger can place us laws, social norms, and common sense place limits on how far our anger can take us. In this article i shall discuss few anger management 

1. Always give a thought to whatever you are speaking

We have always heard people regretting what they have said and explaining that it was said in the heat of the moment. Therefore it is very necessary to think before you speak to prevent yourself from saying unnecessary things. 

2. Once you reach your consciousness, don’t just bottle up, make sure to express your anger.

As soon as you start to think clearly, amle sure to express your disappointment in the healthiest manner possible. Clearly try to express yourself with as much rationality as possible, because its a normal tendency of an individual to get carried away with emotions. Precisely state your requirements and needs by an intention to explain them and not dominate them. 

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3. Focus on movement

Though the pandemic situation has forced people to opt for online education, work from home and minimize moments in an individual’s life, physical activity is necessary to relieve stress of an individual. Exercising daily can have a great impact on your emotions and moods , it can help you out to become relatively calm and happy. If you release you are becoming aggressive immediately opt for a brisk walk, spend some time playing, dancing or doing zumba etc. These activities would help an individual release these emotions and ease down the stress. 

4. Understand the importance of break

No matter if you are studying for continuous hours on the mobile teacher app or have been working for multiple hours. A break always helps you to rejuvenate. So always focus on giving oneself short breaks during the daytime as it helps to reduce the stress, these moments of quiet and peaceful time might aid you feel better and mentally prepared to cope up with whatever challenges comes in your hand. 

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5. Recognize on the possible solutions 

Rather than focusing on the problems that come in the process , shift your attention towards the solution to it. Solving the issue by distracting oneself from the problems and committing only to make possible solutions helps an individual to stay focussed and don’t get overwhelmed by any situation. Remind oneself clearly that situations cannot be handled by being emotionally overwhelmed or aggression.

6. Don’t hold resentment against anything.

Forgiveness is an asset that can help you get over any emotion or feelings. Understand that resentment and grudges are poisons that can destroy you, and not the person you hold things against. However, choosing forgiveness can help you to become better at coping and accept every situation with positivity and happiness. Learning to forgive someone can strengthen your relationship with others and oneself.

7. Use humor to relieve stress

Your facial expression can have a direct impact on how your brain labels the situation. Smiling or laughing in tough times can help you to become resilient and successful in your life.


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