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Harmful Effects of Listening To Loud Music with Earphones


Today’s technology is moving at a very high speed with the development of different electronic gadgets. Some of these gadgets pose terrible risks to our health.

For example earphones, which are loudspeaker drivers worn on or around the head over a user’s ears. They are electronic in nature which converts an electrical signal to a corresponding sound.

This earphones are engineered to give you a powerful sound in a lightweight. We observe people walking everywhere with earphones and headphones, they not only harm the user but also the surrounding people.

During the past decade, the damaging effects of excessive exposure to loud music from portable earphones have gained attention.

There is an increasing concern as headphones are often listened to at unsafe volumes for prolonged periods of time for adults, teens and even young children.

 Loss of hearing

Almost all the headphones expose your ears to high-decibel sound waves which can cause some serious damage your ears. If you listen to music on a high volume which is equivalent or higher than 90 decibels, then it may cause some serious damage to your ears as well as permanent hearing loss. Thus make sure to take breaks while listening to music on earphones. Also, maintain the level of volume on a moderate level.

Congested air passage

Nowadays most of the high-quality headphones requires you to place them in the ear canal, which is very close to the eardrum. These earphones may give you an amazing music experience, but at what cost? Using these earphones for extended hours means you are restricting the flow of air in the air canal making it more susceptible to ear infections.

Ear infections

Another thing that you abide by while using your headphones/earphones is that you should never ever share them with anyone. Sharing earphones may cause unwanted infections. Even when you decide to share your earphones make sure to sanitize them before using.

Ear numbness

Listening on to music for extended hours on your earphone may also lead to ear numbness. Along with ear numbness, you may also lose your hearing abilities temporarily. But if you ignore these signs and continue with the same habits then it may also result in a permanent hearing loss.

Loss of connection with reality

It may result in serious consequences like accidents. People who use headphones when walking or jogging are so engrossed in their private world that they may not be able to hear the honking of vehicles or an approaching train and often becomes victims of accidents.

Learning Disabilities 

This are also outcomes of hearing loss. Chronic loss exposure in classrooms is known to affect a child’s academic performance in areas such as comprehension and memory. They are not able to remember what they learned yesterday in class.


  • Avoid using stylish, small earphones as they go into your ear canal straight. Go for bigger ones.
  • Do not share your headphones.
  • If they have sponge or rubber covers change them once in a month.
  • Avoid playing loud music, maintain a low volume of about 40%.
  • Avoid using them every day, give your ears rest.
  • Don’t use them when traveling.
  • Purchase high quality headphones as they will block more of the environmental noise, thus allowing the user to reduce the volume and still hear the music comfortably.

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