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This is the time to bolster your health with nutrients in this special power-packed fruit. Generally known as *Mmimi* among the Igbos.
Ata Igbere by the Yorubas and Ako by the Edo people of Nigeria.
Pepperfruit which is scientifically called *_Denettia tripetala_* and which belongs to the family *Annonaceae* is a medicinal plant with great potentials.
The flesh of the fruit and the seeds are highly aromatic and has a spicy taste hence the common name, pepperfruit.
The seeds however are more pungent. The fruit is green in colour but starts to turn red as it ripens.
A review of the uses and medicinal properties of Dennettia tripetala (Pepperfruit)#

1. Pepperfruit fights germs.

Researchers have found that the essential oil and phenolic acid extract of pepperfruit can inhibit the growth of food-borne microorganisms such as Staphyloccocus aureus, Salmonella sp., Escherichia coli, and a host of others.

2. Pepperfruit reduces body aches and pain, it reduces inflammation.

The essential oil of the fruits has been found to possess analgesic effects as great as that induced by the powerful opioid morphine as well as aspirin and indomethacin.
This oil also relieved inflammation in rodents with edema to levels comparable with that of dexamethasone.

3. Pepperfruit relaxes the nervous system.

It also has anticonvulsant effects and relieves anxiety.

4. Pepperfruit lowers blood sugar level

Research shows that pepperfruit recruits “glucose uptake proteins from the interior of the cell to the plasma membrane.”
Diabetic patients will benefit from regular intake of this fruit.

5. Peppertfruit has an antioxidant effect

Analysis shows that pepperfruit is rich in antioxidants such as flavonoids and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

6. Pepperfruit could benefit glaucoma patients

ingesting it lowers intraocular pressure in healthy persons.

7. Pepperfruit inhibits growth of prostate cancer cell.

A recent report from the University of Illinois at Chicago showed that pepperfruit extract inhibits the growth of prostate cancer cells.
So much healing properties of this fruit have been researched and documented, but let’s get started with these 7 outstanding benefits.
Those with active ulcer should not take it on empty stomach

Consider eating it the following ways:

1) Cut to pieces and add to vegetable salads
2) Blend with your fruit smoothies.
3)Eat together with cooked chicken or fish dishes.

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