The long-awaited Xiaomi VR Headset has been announced in China, and it’s coming with the moniker “Toy Edition. The reason for the anticipation of the launch of the device is that it is currently the best Virtual Reality headset after Google Cardboard that requires only a smartphone to work.

The Xiaomi VR Toy Edition headset could be a better alternative to Google Cardboard, because it is made from Lycra fabric (a combination of nylon and spandex) that are sturdier than the materials used to make the Google Cardboard headsets.

The Xiaomi headset is also made with the lightweight and skin-friendly EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) which can be used for long periods without causing discomfort to the wearer. Unlike Google Cardboard headsets, smartphones used in the Xiaomi VR headsets can be adjusted via the openings on the front, which also allows for air circulation.

Furthermore, the headset has a zipper design that makes sure the smartphone in use doesn’t fall out when moving around with it. The Toy Edition VR headsets are compatible with phones with screen sizes ranging from 4.7 inches to 5.7 inches.

A metal button which can be used to interact with the phone is present on top of the headset, and the insides of the headset are padded with non-slip pads which prevents accidental button pressing when the headset is in use. The best clarity yet in standalone headsets is promised with its anti-glare aspherical lenses that have tolerance of 0.01mm.

Xiaomi has prepared a separate mobile application for the VR headset, which offers VR games, apps, 3D movies and videos for use with the headset.

The Xiaomi VR Toy Edition headset has a dimension of 201 * 107 * 91 mm, weighs 208.7 grams, and comes in a variety of decorative color options, the only uniform one being plain black.


The Xiaomi VR headset is not yet on sale and pricing has not been announced, but there are rumors that it will go for 49 Chinese Yuan/Rs. 490/$7, and people lucky enough to be selected for the ongoing public beta testing for the headset would be able to get it for just 1 Yuan.

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