InstaVoice: Voicemail, Missed Calls Alert App Review & Full Guide

After selecting your carrier from the list, the app will try to connect to the selected carrier, after which the feature would be activated or deactivated, depending on what you have chosen.

Under the Settings menu, you can also view the current version of the app you have on your phone.

About InstaVoice

about instant

The last feature on the menu is the About feature, where you can get information about the legal part of the app, and get support and help if you don’t understand certain things. These are indicated by the various sub-menus that are shown when you click on the feature in the menu list. There is also an ‘Analytics’ option in the sub-menu, where you can view various data about the app as it’s currently running, as well as stats accumulated over time on the app, like the number of calls made, or a number of chat messages sent and received. We couldn’t view much of this since it’s a new app, but as time goes on, we’ll get to know more about this feature and update you.

Final Words and Conclusion

From the first impressions of this app, I can say it has a very promising future if the developers continue to do what they are called: develop it. We expect new features to be added to the InstaVoice and existing features updated to meet current standards. To use InstaVoice, you have to be running Android version 4.0.3 and above on your Android device. The App works on Apple iPhones  and Windows as well. To follow the development of this app, you can visit their website and e-mail their support team[email protected].

Do you have any questions considering this app? Do you think Instavoice is a great app? Or would you like us to mention your favorite InstaVoice feature which we haven’t mentioned already? Please use the comments box below.

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