Blackberry Slow Or Hanging? Here Is How To Fix The Problem.

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IS Your BlackBerry slow or hanging? well i have found out how to make it fast.Like every other computer you use at home or work, there is something called log file, this log file is a tiny application which keeps track of all the records.

A log file is an application that records everything that goes in and out of a computer system, whether you send files, browse the net, chat, Play Games or listen to music there is a log file that records all the processes of those actions.

As the act of storing this data is what continues to slow down a Device, slowing down your device occurs whenever the log file starts getting full thereby consuming most of your RAM space.

Whenever the log file is almost full, as its loaded with a lot of usage data, it gets heavier, ends up consuming most of your phone’s memory (RAM) thereby reducing the speed of the RAM.
So in this article i would be giving you a guide on how to clear the log file and optimize your device for the best performance it has.

Follow these steps to clear your Phone Event Log
1. Hold down the ALT key and press LGLG the letters while you are on your home screen.
2. After waiting for your phone to load, you will see your event logs.

3. Now Hit the blackberry menu button and select “clear log” after clearing your phone log, this will keep your phone working 100% faster.

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