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Traditional Advertising and Content Marketing Support


Having your brands, products or services enjoy maximal exposure via TV commercials, radio plugs or jingles; print ad campaigns and outdoor collaterals could be an expensive option just to spread the word. However depending on how well conceived and executed ad campaigns are, together with the perfect timing that these are launched, you could achieve a considerable amount of success with brand recognition. Doing so could make what you’re all about stick in people’s minds and perhaps help a lot in pumping up sales and revenue for your company.

It used to be so in the perfect world of traditional advertising many, many years ago. Companies went to advertisers and advertisers drew up media plans and thought up clever messages to go with great pictures or 60 seconds of wonderful moments leading to the consumption shot. That hasn’t been the case anymore in recent years and people’s eyes and ears aren’t that much glued to their TV sets, radios and papers anymore.

In fact, people have become more picky with the kind of electronic experiences they put themselves through these days. They love to have a piece of the action rather than be just plain and simple spectators to all these ads. They have all gone online and do spend half of their time out in cyberspace surfing the web.

Online conveniences take over

There are many things that consumers just don’t do anymore and these justify why traditional forms of advertising that worked 10 or 20 years ago now find it hard to get that much of an audience. Online technologies have bowled people over to their cause owing to the quick and easy conveniences they offer like the following:

  • You could watch TV shows, films and all manner of videos you like for free (even commercial-free once you click the skip ad buttons) over YouTube, Vimeo and other similar online networks.
  • You could read books, newspapers, magazine and all manner of reading material via tablets and all sorts of eReaders.
  • You could download music via the various music sites to be found in the web and not have to deal with all the aural gobbledygook on air over land radio.
  • You don’t have to drive far and so often to meet people to perhaps do business with them because cloud-based VoIP usually found in systems like a RingCentral business phone service effectively negates distance and location. That means no more eyesore billboards to see along the highway.

People might have the time and the patience yes, but when push comes to shove between work and life balance, it is always the online button that gets pushed. So much so that if the main commodity of advertising such as the audience is to be pursued by marketing people, it’s high time they switched to online technologies and enlist content marketing support for their traditional ad campaigns.

Real-time interaction

Websites offer all sorts of information at a readily accessible turnover rate to users. Blogs present insightful arguments and unique perspectives about brands. Social media interaction among friends and brands offer real-time input regarding ideas available for discussion in the retail cycle and even lifestyles. All these things are what characterize the rich ecosystem that is the web where various forms of content swim about to maximal audience consciousness.

People spend a whole lot of their time accessing all such content online via their various devices (smartphone, tablet, phablets, laptops and desktop PCs). While traditional advertising interrupts the audience’s consciousness to grab attention, content marketing enables the audience to be part of the information flow as an instigator of dialogue. You could market more effectively once your traditional advertising efforts find resonance with something that online audiences could relate to and that would be nothing else but storified content about you brands, products and services.








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