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Blogging is not a difficult thing and anybody can do it. Being a successful blogger is a little trickier and does require a little bit more effort. It becomes a little easier if you have a few certain personality traits, or what may be called qualities. The good news is that you can work on these personality traits as you blog along. Here are a few of them that will help take you from being a mediocre blogger to a successful blogger.

Being tenacious and persevering

Most blogs do not last much longer than six months and very few are older than two years. This is because people start to realize that they are working for free and are not receiving any real benefit or recognition, so they give up trying and move onto something else.

A successful blog takes years to grow and mature and this means that you have to stick at it for a long time. If you have a tenacious attitude and are willing to stick it out then you are far more likely to have a successful blog.

A thoughtful pragmatist

Being pragmatic means figuring out what you want from blogging in advance. Many people start blogging and then go on to look for what benefits they can get from it, and if they can get any money from it. You need to take a hard look at what you are going to get from blogging and decide if it is worth it.

If you have already started blogging then take a look at why you are doing it and come up with reasons why you should continue. Once you have decided why you want to be a blogger, and what you are going to get from it, you need to make it into your goal. This goal is now what you aim for and helps you to actually achieve what you want from blogging, whether it is money, social recognition, or just a hobby.

Expertise in something

This is more of a quality than it is a trait, but it is very, very handy if you want to be a successful blogger. It is good because it gives you something to write about, and gives you something to write about well. You can keep digging into your specific expertise in order to come up with more interesting posts. You also have the added benefit of being able to further research into your chosen expertise, which will help you to learn more about it as you continue to blog.

A high degree of focus

As it says in the introduction, you do not need any sort of qualities to be a successful blogger, but there are some that are useful. A high degree of focus is useful because it helps you write blog posts that flow better and that are more coherent. It helps you to stay on track during your writing, and helps you to finish your blog posts a little earlier.

An attitude

A lot of people will say that your attitude has to be a positive one, but that is not the case. There are a lot of miserable and horrible people that have very successful blogs. So, the best quality or trait to have may simply be to have an attitude. Your attitude can be complainy, funny, whiny, bouncy, or even just deliriously happy. Just make sure that you keep your attitude up. There is no point in being Mr. Sunshine one week, only to be anxious and overly concerned on your next week’s posts.


This is a good trait to have if you want to keep your blog readers. If you are dependable then they may come back at the same time every week to see your blog posts. They may learn to visit you routinely because they know that you are not going to post any old crap for the sake of it, and they know that you are not going to miss your blog deadline.

A good writer

This is not as obvious as it seems, since a lot of terrible writers have very successful blogs, but it is a quality that makes being successful a little easier. It is like learning how to do open heart surgery and discovering that you have steady hands. Being a good writer is a quality that is going to enhance any of the other qualities that you have and make it easier for you to create and maintain a successful blog.

These are just few personal qualities that are needed to become successful in blogging. What quality do you possess? share your with us

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8 Replies to “Personal quality makes you a successful blogger”

  1. Adesanmi Adedotun

    Hi Ebima,

    What else can I add? Nothing rather than to admit these facts, truly stated that blogging is very easy when viewed from the right channel and seen as not get quick rich scheme. One of the quality of a stable life is ability to be focus, been focus enabled us to set an achievable goal and with this highlighted point, becoming a successful blogger is not far fetch with little effort and ability to learn from the best. Thumb up sire!

  2. prince

    nice tips ebima in other to be seen as a good writer or an expert in your niche you need to provide your blog readers with quality not quantity

  3. Babanature

    Hello Ebima,
    What an insightful post about the quality that makes up a successful blogger 🙂
    I have been in the blogging world for quite a while now and i must confess that all successful bloggers has one thing in common, which is helping young bloggers.

    You know that a writing style comes strong when a person or a blogger write frequently and love what he does. Being a successful blogger is not how long you’ve been in the system but how well you impact your readers and fans with your blog.

    Nice article Ebima, do keep the good work rolling and have a blessed week start 🙂

  4. Samuel Adeniyi

    You have your points all lead out here. Most people tend to just write contents without thinking thoroughly or doing much research before writing a post or clicking the publish button. Thanks buddy.

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  6. Susan Velez

    Hi Ige,

    Blogging is a lot of hard work, I never realized it when I first started my blog. At first when I started my blog I would post everyday and then expect people to come to my site.

    Now I realize that it’s a lot more than just posting content. Sure you have to post quality content that people want to read.

    But it’s really about building relationships and getting to know people. Eventually as those people start to like you and trust you they will begin sharing your content and that in turn will help you grow your blog. Thanks for sharing these tips they will definitely help anyone who is considering starting a blog.

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