Recently the mobile market saw a shift from the popular Symbian OS  to the ever increasing android operating system.This great shift from the Symbian OS and great addiction to the android OS can greatly be attributed to lots of features which the android OS present. people were able to do so many things with the Symbian OS,like taking screenshot,using it as an internet modem,but after the emergence of the android OS,people started exploring ways of doing things with the operating system.

One of such task is the task of using your android powered phone as an internet modem,by that i mean ways of using your android phone to connect to your PC for internet connectivity.To make things more easier,Google,the developer of the android OS has included this feature in the android OS,but very few android users know about this.So for the benefit of those who do not know how to use their android phone as an internet modem i have created this post for you.

So now lets begin,but note that the steps presented below works well for all android phones irrespective of the class,the only difference may be in the version of the android OS

What You Need For This To Work

For this to work effectively,your android device needs to configured to browse the internet.Internet activation should be activated by default once you activate you mobile Sim.You can also configure your android phone to browse the internet manually.

There are three possible way to connect your android device to a  PC which include

Usb Tethering

Once you’re ready to actually begin a tethering connection,all you need to do is

==>Connect your android phone / device to the computer using any supported usb cable or the usb connectivity cable  that came with it

==>Go to settings from your device menu

==>Click on wireless and network Settings

==>Tap the Tethering and portable hotspots

==>And lastly choose “Usb tethering

Then exit the Menu,wait for about a minute and start surfing with your computer

Wireless (wi-fi) Sharing 

This seem to be the best and easiest way of connecting your computer to the internet using your andriod phone.its simple and straight forward.To do this,

==>Go to your device menu

==>Tap on the Settings menu

==>click on wireless and network Setting

==>Tap the Tethering and portable hotspots

==> Tap on  “wireless hotspot ” , “portable wifi” ,  or any of such words related to  wi-fi sharing

==>Tap on wireless/portable wifi hotspot setting to set all necessary  parameters including setting  a password to prevent unnecessary access

==> save and exit there .

Lastly go back to you computer network setting,search for your device name,connect and start surfing the internet with your PC

Android PC Suit

The use of android PC suite is only useful only when you have known issue with with your device drivers.All that is needed is to download your specific device pc suite and follow the on screen instruction to connect your computrer to the internet through your andriod device.

Hope this helps

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