10 Tips To Boost E-commerce Sales With High-quality Product Images


Providing visual elements and product photographs has become necessary in the e-commerce industry. Product photographs can increase website traffic, establish brand identity and improve customer trust.

Even if your online store has a seamless website User Experience (UE), a lousy product image can hurt your store’s sales. That’s why product images can give your e-commerce brand a significant breakthrough and attract new customers. 

Read on to know why product images are important in e-commerce and a few tips and tricks for improving your e-commerce store’s rate of conversions.

Why are product images significant in e-commerce?   

While shopping online, product pictures are the only thing that can replace real-life shopping. Pictures are worth a thousand words and are bound to reap rewards when used correctly. They will help you to make a connection with online customers by giving them that “in-store” feel. 

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This might seem like a no-brainer. But the first thing customers notice about your online store is your product images and descriptions. According to a study at MIT, our brain can understand a picture in 13 milliseconds. 

That means that customers can glance at your product pictures and create a first impression in their minds. Using good product photography techniques for your product images can make a great first impression and build consumer trust.

10 Tips to Boost E-commerce Sales with High-quality Product Images

Here are ten tips and tricks that you can use for your e-commerce store if you want to boost its sales:

1.Provide different angles.

Using different angles and camera shots will allow your customers to see your product in more detail. This seamless product viewing experience drives your e-commerce store’s sales and improves customer trust. Not providing multi-angled product shots can make you lose potential buyers. 

2.Feature multiple colors for available products.

Featuring many colors for certain products increases the scope of buyers, as more colors mean more people going for their favorite colors. 

Use color schemes while editing your product pictures to make them attractive to customers, which impacts sales in return. 


3.Give multiple pictures of your products. 

If you provide many product pictures, it enables customers to imagine themselves using your product. Multiple shots of your products, including small details, is a good product photography strategy as it quickly catches the customer’s attention.  

4.Let shoppers zoom in on your products. 

By integrating your product images with a zoom-in feature, customers can  hover with their mouse to get a more detailed view of your product. Generally, online shoppers use the zoom-in feature mostly on products they are interested in. Therefore, not providing a zoom feature can cost your e-commerce business a great deal.  

5.Utilize user-generated product pictures.

Also known as “word of mouth advertising,” you can take advantage of User-generated Content (UGC) in your e-commerce store. Additionally, UGC creates a higher possibility of new customers trusting the reviews and pictures of customers who have already purchased your product.   

6.Use models in your product images.

Fashion brands, in particular, should feature a natural-looking model,  enabling customers to understand the shape and size and envision themselves using your products. Using live models using your products in your e-commerce can be very effective for making a connection and boosting your store sales.  

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7.Optimize the product image size.

If you feature large product images in your e-commerce store, your website will take a lot of time to reload. In contrast, using smaller images enables websites to load very quickly. Maintain your product picture sizes as uniformity visually appeals to customers.  

8.Optimize image SEO.

The better meta descriptions and product descriptions you provide, the higher your product will rank in search engines like Google. Using captions and alt text efficiently can attract a lot of customers. 

9.Use 360-degree product pictures.

If you want to go beyond the generally accepted product photography trends, consider optimizing your product pictures with a 360-degree view. It allows your customer to understand how your product looks from all sides. 360-degree product pictures have proven to be effective for boosting sales and revenue.

10.Use social media to promote product pictures.

Countless e-commerce stores use social media platforms to showcase their products, create new leads, and attract interested buyers. For example, Glossier uses reviews from its customers and posts them on social media platforms. It enables customers to trust your brand and, in turn, increases sales.  


If you’re an e-commerce business owner wanting to make more sales, then optimizing your website with excellent product images can boost your store’s sales. Quality product images can go a long way in assisting your customers seamlessly. 

We hope this blog helped you understand how to use product images to boost your e-commerce store’s sales. 


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