Earlier on today while i was trying to download an android app direct to my pc,along the line,i was trapped in a tight corner.I was asked to supply my android device id.At first i thought it was the android device serial number/imei number,until i found out it was not.

What is An Android device ID?

An Android device ID is a unique code that represent an Android device. The android device ID is unique for each and every android device in the world. This ID can be used for a specific purpose, such as download apk from market directly to your PC using an application called apk leecher or for another purpose.

Whatever may be your reason for needing the android device id,you can easily obtain your android device ID by simply downloading a simple android app called DEVICE ID to your android device.

DEVICE IDĀ  is a Simple app to get your Device ID ( Android ID ) and Account Emails .This app doesn’t require INTERNET permission so your information is safe.It simple to use.Simply download the app to your android device,launch and you have your device ID displayed without stress

Here is a screenshot of the app

You are done getting your android device ID.HopeĀ  you found this little piece useful

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