How To Install And Use Whatsapp On PC

Whatsapp is a cross platform ,free messaging application available for use only on blackberry,iphone,andriod,window phone and Nokia symbian phone.Whatsapps is a good and complete alternative to BlackberryInstant Messenger.Interestingly,Whatsapp uses the same data plan available for regular web browsing, so you won’t have to pay extra for Whatsapp.
As at the time of writing this, Whatsapp is yet to make its product windows friendly, so installing and using Whatsapp on your PC presently is near impossible.

If you are a lover of the popular whatsapp messenger who would like to install and use Whatsapp on PC, the trick presented below will take you through the process of installing and using Whatsapp on your PC.
Steps 1 
First you will have to download and install this android emulator bluestack on your PC.Bluestack is a user friendly   android emulator available to both Windows and MAC users. You can download bluestack from this link.
Step 2
After downloading and installing bluestack, search for Whatsapp among the software on the bluestack interface.Click and select the whatsapp to install it to your PC.
Step 3
when your whatsapp is successfully downloaded and installed,you will have to confirm and verify your mobile number.If you already installed whatsapp on your mobile device I  advise you use a different phone number to verify otherwise you may begin to have error whenever you try to access whatsapp on mobile device.
Input you nickname or username to complete the verification process and your whatsapp is ready to be used.
Just Follow the Procedure, Every step is easy and self illustrational.follow the on screen instruction to complete each  steps

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