How To Back Up Mtn Mobile Sim Contacts

After reading this post you won’t have to lose your MTN SIM /phone contacts anymore because MTN has provided a way  of saving or backing up your SIM/ Phone contacts to MTN central data base for safe keeping. If you are on the MTN network and would like to save yourself from the stress of starting over looking for your friends and family phone number, then read on because this post might be helpful to you.

What Is MTN Back Up?

MTN back up is one of the numerous services of leading telecom operator which provide for subscribers to its network to have their phone or SIM contacts/numbers backed up /saved to its secured online central store/data base for safe keeping.MTN back up allows you to save up to 200 SIM contacts and up to 5000 phone contacts  to their secured online central store.This is to say  you can log on to the central store to retrieve your saved contacts if by any means you lose your phone/sim


What You Need To Back Up Your MTN SIM contacts

Before you can use the MTN back up service, you need to have either or both of the new MTN back up SIM or a compatible data enabled mobile phone.The MTN back up service supports up to four hundred phone brands. If you purchased your MTN SIM prior to 2010,you may need to get yourself the new MTN back up sim.But if you bought your MTN SIM from 2010 upward or you did a welcome back of your MTN SIM your SIM is enabled for back up


How To Register For The MTN Back Up Service

If  you meet up with the MTN back up requirements o a  new back up SIM or a data enabled mobile phone or both then you are set to back up you contacts/phone numbers.
From your compatible mobile phone menu, locate the MTN SERVICES/SIM SERVICES depending on your brand of mobile phone,click on MTN back up,then click on BACK UP SIM CONTACTS.You would be asked if you want to synchronise your SIM phone book,click OK and wait for a moment for your SIM contacts to be backed up.If successful after some seconds you should receive a message from MTn containing your MTN back up account details i.e your login name which should be your mobile phone number and a password.Click here to visit the MTN backup portal


Is MTN Back UP Free?

MTN back up isn’t free.Your first back up session would cost N100 while subsequent back up session would cost N50 only.While it costs N50 also to retrieve your backed up contacts
The cost of back up is regardless of the number of backed up contacts

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20 Replies to “How To Back Up Mtn Mobile Sim Contacts”

  1. Elizabeth Mensah

    pls i lost my phone and bought a new sim but i didnt see my contacts meanwhile all my contacts are backed up


      You bought another SIM or you did a welcome back? if u bought another SIM,there is no way u can get your contacts back.If u did welcome back,then login to your MTN backup portal to restore your cotacts.

  2. yinka

    Comment…my bb was stolen need the cal center to track my phone down for me or block the sim bkus the person is using my sim to receive my kals n msgs they are not picking but cuttin my kal

  3. nkurunungi saul

    i lost ma fone and bought new sim but i did not receive ma contacts and they are backed up ma line{00256874124251}

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