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How To Find And Remove Broken links From Your Blog


Broken links are links on your web pages that leads to nowhere, dead pages, pages that no longer exist and or inactive pages etc.This can happen for several reasons including missing files, deleted pages, deleted contents etc and often result as a 404 error.

Finding and removing broken links from your web page is one of the most important SEO technique and doing so for individual links is so tasking and time consuming and even more tasking if the weblog is a large one.

Because of the adverse effects  poor search engine ranking, turning potential visitors away, and probably preventing search engines from crawling your weblog properly broken links pose to your blogs, removing them should be done periodically

There are tools which automatically scan your web page for broken links thereby eliminating the stress of manually searching your weblog for broken links. Find below some of these tools which are  free and easy to use

submit express

webmaster tool kit



webmaster tool kit 

The above tools are easy to use.After searching for the broken links,all you need do is simply remove them manually or edit them

As an alternative measure to finding broken links on your blog,you can simply create a webmaster account where you submit your site map after which you start to receive regular uodate from google showing broken links  on your blog plus other blog health reports

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