10 Most Dangerous Health Consequences Of Drug And Substance Abuse



Are you a victim of drug addiction? Or, are you witnessing closed ones falling into the deep end, such as substance abuse?

No matter what the temporary euphoria brings, it is painful! It is painful for the person suffering from the addiction and for all the loved ones around them. Drugs and other such synthetic drugs can affect the psyche, but people often forget the physical health problems which come with such drug usage.

There are some major health turmoils that the victim of drug abuse goes through. Getting every information you can about these issues can help you understand the addiction better.

This is also an efficient way to identify someone suffering from this addiction and then put forward a helping hand.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Drug Usage?

These are some of the symptoms that you should be aware of if you are dealing with someone or speculating someone with drug addiction.

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  • Slurred Voices & Red Eyes

Someone consuming synthetic drugs regularly will always have their inhibitions lowered. As a result, their mind is never in the right place, and they are distant from normal behavior. This is why their speech is compromised.

If you find your friend or family member always talking in slurred speech, it might not be a clear-cut sign, but definitely a matter of concern.

  • Sudden Hostile Behaviour Changing To Euphoria

There are other reasons why someone could be suffering from extreme mood swings, bipolar disorder being one of the serious ones. However, if these extreme mood changes are frequent, then drug usage could be a reason.

Do you find someone euphoric one second and extremely hostile or aggressive in the second one, then talk to them.

  • Drastic Weight Loss

Again, weight loss is something natural for someone who is dieting, but it is shocking to see someone in perfect health lose all the weight in a matter of weeks.

Hollowed bones and eye sockets could be scary visually, but if someone is already adapting it, then it is not normal weight loss.

  • Dry Skin Condition

Drugs like cocaine and heroin are known for making the skin really dry and flaky. If you are finding bruises from constant itching and flaky skin, and yet they are not ready to go to the hospital.

This is a sign that you should talk to them. They are in need of intervention so that they can see the light.

  • Always Distracted

Their attention span will be depleting drastically, and you can clearly notice them. They will never be able to concentrate for a longer period of time.

They zone out from time to time, and all in all, the mental and physical changes will be very noticeable.

Top Most Dangerous Health Consequences Of Drug Abuse

We have scoured through many surveys and medical cases and elaborated on the ten most dangerous consequences of drugs and such substance abuse.

1. Lung Cancer

Inhalation and smoking give patients the most effectiveness. Thus most of them are smoked up. Smoking is already dangerous; now, if you mix such dangerous drugs in them, it gets even more lethal.

Lung cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that someone can fall prey to due to overt drug usage.

2. Heart Diseases

When you take drugs, somehow, your hormones are being forced to secret in odd timings. This can cause diseases like abnormal heart palpitations, which can lead to serious problems like cardiovascular diseases.

Sometimes, overuse of these drugs can also cause heart attacks at a very young age.

3. Seizures

One of the potent issues that can totally damage your brain. Drugs like heroin and other morphine-related substances are known for numbing the nerves.

This constant numbing can lead to frequent seizures, and ultimately death ensues.

4. Depression & Anxiety

Someone might be taking these drugs for the purpose of uplifting your mood to a sudden euphoria, but once that high comes down, they even feel more depressed.

A normal headspace is not satisfactory for the. As a result, they can be suffering from serious mental health issues like severe anxiety and depression.

5. HIV & Hepatitis

Well, it is not about capturing these diseases with just the consumption. But, people who are abusing heroin sometimes use the same needle.

They do not always have to be sexually transmitted, but since the needle is coming in contact with the skin and blood, it is easy to transfer.

6. Skin Cancer

It is not just lung cancer that can affect a regularly drug-induced body, but skin cancer is another lethal disease one should be scared of.

Since someone suffering from drug addiction doesn’t take good care of their hygiene, their skin falls prey to the consequence. Their skin will start getting dry and flaky because of the drugs, and the constant itching and less care can be the cause of skin cancer.

7. Muscular Disorders

Constant consumption of these intravenous drugs can force the secretion of sexual hormones. As a result, patients are being subjected to muscular disorders where their bones and muscles do not grow naturally.

There can be many physical ailments because of this.

8. Hypersexuality

Drugs can also increase the amount of libido in our bodies. Therefore, the patients can easily fall prey to hypersexuality.

This can make them addicted to sex or porn. It might also lead to some heinous crimes.

9. Dangerous Hallucination

Drugs affect your psyche like nothing else. If someone is taking synthetic drugs regularly, they can start hallucinating about horrific past incidents.

The worst part is, they won’t be able to distinguish between reality and dreams.

10. Coma

Suppose a person suffers from drug addiction, the lines between limit and overdosing. Unfortunately, there have been many such cases of drug overdose where the person falls prey to coma.

This is something worse than death.

Final Note

When we think about these deadly diseases, the only thing that comes to our mind is death!

Fortunately, drug addiction is not the end of the world, and with the right kind of help and professional support, anyone can overcome it.

So, call for a detoxification center today itself!



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