Multi-Purpose Uses Of Miracle Leaf

Multi – Usefulness of Miracle Leaf  (Yoruba Name:- Ewé Àbámodá)
Life plant, miracle leaf, air plant, cathedral leaf all refer to the same plant called bryophyllum pinnatum
This wonder plant has all these names because of the wonders that it bears encapsulated in every part of the plant. It is a succulent plant that grows in warm temperate zones.
It has many functions in the treatment and management of sickness or diseases.
Under listed are some of the wonders the leave can perform when used appropriately against sicknesses.

1. It treats bloody diarrhea:

Bloody diarrhea occurs when blood is mixed with watery stool. The bleeding can be caused by injury from the mouth to the anus.
To treat this condition squeeze out the juice from a sizeable amount of leaves (20 leaves) mix with cumin seed and with ghee.
Let the patient take it twice a day, the quantity of blood will reduce and stop eventually after a few days.

2. It treats Leukorrhea or vaginal discharge:

Vaginal discharge or leucorrhea is a thick yellowish vaginal discharge that is caused by Estrogen imbalance in the body.
If there is a vaginal infection the discharge may increase; this discharge may dry up only to show up after some time.
To treat this condition squeeze out the juice from the leaves and give to the patient twice a day, bryophyllum pinnatum, or never die leaf has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties that would handle this condition in less than a week of regular administration.

3. it’s good for the liver:

The anti hepatic properties of bryophyllum pinnatum are enormous, it keeps the liver in optimal condition. It cures jaundice fast and is beneficial in the treatment of hepatitis.

4. Reduces swelling:

When a poultice of bryophyllum pinnatum is applied to any swelling in the body, its anti-inflammatory properties will significantly reduce the swelling.
It becomes more effective when the juice is taken alongside placing the poultice on the swelling.

5. Treatment of Ulcer:

Cut a leaf and wash it. Look for like six pieces of fried groundnut which its thin brown cover has not been removed.
Put it inside the already cleaned leaf and put it in your mouth. Chew it together very well and swallow it. Repeat this every morning on empty stomach until you are completely healed. This Remedy is very effective.

6. Treatment of ear problem:

Cut few leaves and place it beside flame of fire until it shows a little burnt on the leaves. Gently squeeze it to extract water from the leaves and drop the water inside the affected ear.
Repeat it until you get desirable results.

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