I don’t know if you’ve done it, but there are so many incredible things to do in Hanover, Germany, all year round. So, if you’re traveling to this or nearby cities, here’s a list to add to your wish list. 

Hanover, Germany, is a famous university city and the region’s economic center. It was formerly the constituency’s seat, but today it is best known for many of Hannover’s attractions. 

Hanover’s rich history means there is something for every traveler. You can start by admiring the museums, exquisite architecture, and beautiful parks of this German city. 

So add it to your wish list and start planning this trip, especially if you want to travel in the summer.

Tour Aegidienkirche

TheAegidienkirche in Hanover, Germany, is the perfect place to start. Now a building that opened in 1163, it knows everything about survival.

Aegidienkirche is the oldest church in the region and one of Hanover’s top attractions. The impressive Gothic architecture with its impressive tower is not to be missed. The tower was rebuilt in the 18th century, but the entire structure was badly damaged during World War II.

Many bombings have occurred in the area, affecting most old buildings, including this church. Unfortunately, there is no roof on the altar and nave to honor those who died during that difficult time. 

Inside, you can also see the Peace Bell donated by Hiroshima to the church. On August 6th, church bells ring every year, and a ceremony is held to commemorate Hiroshima Day.

The bell rings from dawn until 18:00. This is why visiting Aegidienkirche is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Hannover. Especially for history buffs.

Visit Sea life

The SEA LIFE Marine Museum prides itself on being one of the top tourist attractions in Hannover. However, this is a fun place for the whole family to learn about marine life. Here you can see more than 3000 species from all over the world. 

The good news for this diverse collection is that some species come from the local Leine River. Others come from as far away as the Caribbean and beyond. Inside 37 aquariums and pools, home to a wide variety of fish, octopuses, sharks, and even crocodiles. 

Add to your to-do list in Hanover and walk through the glass tunnels to see the beautiful marine life. Guides are always on hand to give educational lectures and participate in fun feeding sessions. Also not to be missed is the rainforest area.

Hanover Zoo 

In 1865 approximately 22 hectares of land were allocated to create the Hanover Zoo. Since then, millions of tourists have been on the list of things to see in Hanover. 

Today, more than 230 species from all over the world live here. There are a total of 3,400 species of animals that can be seen and recognized. 

Hannover Zoo is the 5th oldest zoo in Germany despite private funding. In 1920, after World War I, zoo management became so complicated that the government took over the zoo’s management.

Leine Palace 

Hanover has no shortage of attractions, so be prepared to walk or drive. Another stop is the Leine Palace in Altstadt, a short walk from the city center. The impressive building is the State Legislative Building, but its origins date back to the 17th century.

A visit to this place will answer your questions about what to do in Hanover. The palace received the same name as the river that bordered it and was the royal residence of the Duke of Georg von Kallenberg. The original style was later changed slightly in 1817 to add a neoclassical style. 


Hanover boasts traditional pubs, elegant cocktail bars, and clubs with all kinds of music on weekdays and weekends. 

From tiny clubs to gigantic dance halls, the city has a place for every taste and occasion, plus cozy beer gardens to soak up the sun in summer. Experience Hanover with one of the top Models in Hanover. This place has so much to explore.


Overall it’s a great place to visit. It has both a historical and recreational side. You will enjoy the trip to Hanover. You will come back with great memories and unforgettable experiences.


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